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Haliea: 25th day

A breath of fresh air
Kila x Roma
11-26-2018, 09:48 PM
Nai listened as she wrote. The letter was simple. Her writing slightly below par for how neat it was. Letters slightly wobbly due to fatigue but it was her writing. The woman's story made her heart soft and she smiled, but she felt pain for her. It sounded tragic. To have lost so many to a war that one no longer found to have a reason. That seemed painful. She was glad she hadn't lost anyone to this war. It wasn't her war! Or was it?

The hybrid wasn't too sure. "My apologizes my priestess," she said after a moment. "I never knew what this war was about honestly. Only the rumors, but I am sorry it has cost you so much. If it is any comfort, I am glad and honored to have you as head priestess in this temple. You are kind and not many are. Your kindness seems to be selfless and for that I am grateful."

Soon she finished the letter and then wrote a small note for her father. He would know what to do. She sealed the letter with magic and took the quill and signed it closed with blood magic. Only those of close kin could open it and that type of magic would help it find her father. "Please make sure First King Gilgamesh of the Dragons gets this. He will be worried about me," she stated as she passed her the letter. A yawn escaped her lips. "And... thank you again. Your help is invaluable to me. I'm glad fate brought us here... I've met the Light Angel Oracle before if that interest you. He was in demon lands..."

A pause. "You smell like me... I didn't notice it before, but you have a bit of a dragon smell to you. Maybe that's why I feel so safe with you here."
11-29-2018, 02:25 PM
"My father is an eastern dragon, My Lady," said Aolani as she took the oracle's letter in her delicate hands. Her skin seemed even paler against her dark gown, so much so that it seemed to glow. "Perhaps that is why you feel a kinship with me." Her voice was soft.

"Perhaps while you're here you can help put an end to this fruitless war? Demons and Angels are both a prideful bunch, though. It will not be easy work. This war has gone on for too long, both sides are too invested; too prideful to surrender or draw up a truce." She spoke with a deep melancholy as she rose to her feet.

"I'll get this letter sent to your father. For now, please rest. Simply call if you need me, and I'll arrive."
11-30-2018, 08:51 AM
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"I- Thank you," she said settling back down into the bed. "Maybe I will be able to stop the war or maybe not but I will try for not only you but those like you."

She turned over to her side and closes her blue eyes. She felt so tired still but she prayed silently. She prayed her family was okay and they did not worry for her. Finally she fell asleep and as she was, she realized her head was silent. There was no one else there.


(23th of Ganthor ends. 24th of Ganthor begins here at early light. Weather is sslightly ainy outside with an overcast)

The Oracle woke up the next day and smiled. She felt a little better, but still ached a bit. Her eyes looked around taking in more of the room than she had the day before. It was very lavish to say the least.

A small smile touched her lips as she wondered if her father ever had a room like this. She'd have to make sure to ask him next time she saw him. "Aolani? Are you here?"
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