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Haliea: 25th day

[M] Keep your eyes on the mark
Aqua x Romaaaa
11-22-2017, 11:38 PM

fear the — Rapture
Thread Status: Closed
Players involved: Aqua and Roma
Characters involved: TBH
Setting: Chortari lands near a branch of the Kiriel river
Time: Current
Weather: cloudy above


The sky was clear that morning, but now the clouds were slowly rolling in. They were long, dark and seemed to hint at a coming storm. It was too soon to call it a day for a light rain. The storm didn't seem to bad, just a bit dark, it wasn't threats of a danger as bad as a tornado, but rain. Just a lot of rain. Thunder rolled in the distance coming in intervals of minutes. It was still far out.

The river could be heard in the distance as with grazing animals. They were getting water before they would go and hide for fear of the storm. They soon would want to be away from the storm. No matter how large or small none of them seemed to want to be out if it was raining. However, the wolf didn't mind. The rain meant nothing to him. It could storm, hail, winds howl, and he would be fine. He didn't mind dragging a deer out into the open and eating it under the fury of nature. He waited there though. He wasn't going to go towards all the prey drinking water until his child came. He was going to watch her hunt. His own teeth ached with bloodlust, but she was becoming an adult soon. He wanted to make sure she was ready for that leap at least.

His silver eyes blinked and he shook out his pelt. What else could he do? He knew he wasn't an ideal father. He didn't really fit the part at all, but he would try this small thing for her. He wanted to make sure she could survive and past that... He didn't know. He was sure she learned to hunt. He had made sure people would help her. He was their leader... He didn't have time for soft loving time. He had to be hard. He had to be the leader they needed cruelty and all. Amon was away. This would be a private moment for them. He would give her that. A small time with him that was undisturbed. 

It was time to discuss the future.

01-17-2018, 02:50 AM
Diverna licked her paw several times while still having her eyes narrowed disgusted by all the other wolf, she gritted her sharp fangs in annoyance. As she got herself up she stretched her legs while peering her eyes over to see that her father caught something in which then immediately in her head she thought he must've caught it for both of them. Diverna would then crept past the other wolves to make sure that it wasn't too noticeable that she was leaving their vicinity to spend some time with her father. She lowered her head down as she got closer to him looking away a few times while doing so, as she finally approached him. Diverna bowed for her leader," Father may I accompany you on your successfull hunt." she said while then looking at the delicious looking deer he caught.

She would then notice her tail igniting with purple flames again in which then she blushed as she got overly excited for just a moment. She awaited for her father to answer swaying her tail back and forth.
01-24-2018, 01:30 AM
"You may," he replied watching her. His silver eyes were almost glowing as he took a bite of his food, making sure to take the heart of the deer. It was a sign of power as he crushed it in his jaw, red vibrate blood flowing between his teeth and down his maw as he threw back his hand, teeth cutting it up, and slowly it slid down his throat. "So my child was there anything important you wished to ask me or discuss?"

He spoke only after he had finished swallowing his food. His eyes watching her amused. "I wanted to see how you were fairing in the pack. Anything dear old dad should be aware of," Rapture was curious. What was the pack like to his child. What did she see his pack, his empire as. How did it appear to others? "Is there anything you think might need work? As my child you may be expected to take over one day... So consider this a lesson..."
02-20-2018, 05:29 AM
Diverna would then smile as he gave her the okay for joining him in his delicious catch, she eagerly bolted over to the limp carcass taking a bite pulling of the blood splattering flesh one by one and devouring it whole not even caring for any historical background from the deer's past. Once then she begun nibbling as her side didn't take long to expose the bones, as her father started to ask questions she was rather surprised as she never thought of him being the somewhat conversationalist type due to past experiences.

Even so she still did have alot on her mind first was about her mother, she wasn't really fully aware of whom she is and what happened to her. Being use to just having a singular dad she was sometimes skeptical of others having another parent and she didn't yet she brushed those thoughts away previously. Diverna spoke,"Dad. What happened to mom? I never thought I'd be asking you this but it's worth a shot.." she continued" Also in this pack I've been noticing alot of the female wolves shown some attraction which I don't like.. they won't become my next mom" she scowled turning her head to the side with a mumbling growl.
02-20-2018, 12:55 PM
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fear the — Rapture
He started to eat his side of his catch while he let his child ponder his question. He hadn't expected what she had asked though. He felt himself suddenly lose an sense of hunger he had and he sighed. He knew this would come one day. It wasn't like he could ignore it forever. "She died in a border fight, not long after you were born. You are too young to remember her at the time and you were given to another female to be raised until you could stand on your own," he told her. "Your mother looked more like you. She was very aggressive when needed to be and she was a a great lost to the pack when she died.  Any time someone in this pack dies it hurts us. We are all a big family." 

He licked his lips and looked up. "As for the other females. It is expected. I need a new mate. I cannot stay alone forever. However, they do not have to be your new mother. That is up to you. I cannot force you to accept anyone. You are also old enough that you don't need a mother anymore. So you may not accept them but I will always be your father." He looked at her, his tail swished slightly and then he gave her a gentle nudge with his head. "So what with this all of a sudden?"

A small smile. "Does it bother you that badly that someone might find me interesting?"

02-20-2018, 09:09 PM
It was nothing, absolutely nothing that she felt after hearing that her mother died far before that she couldn't even understand what occured. It was hard as internally she tried to feel about how he explained her death, no composure even kept due to it's presence being non-existent. Diverna narrowed her eyes in disappointment that she wasn't able to feel bad," I'm sorry for your lost father...but I don't feel anything.. I never even got to know her to feel anything.. " she'd say calmly while then licking the blood from her face. She didn't like the fact that she had to be raised by those of not biological standard, she felt as though that she would be better off just with her father and with no other female trying to play the role of her real mother.

Even though she was slightly infuriated she understood that he would meet other wolves and potentially gain a mate as it's life though still she couldn't even deal with such matter so she concealed her feelings about it simply giving her father a nod. Once her father nudged her she chuckled softly and sigh," Dad...." she'd say with her eyes rolled. Diverna didn't hesitate with her straightforward bluntness," It only bothers me because I don't know how to love another parent other than you father.. we've been through alot so my trust is to a bare minimum. I'm not one to be so caring quickly.. you can see who you want I could hardly care at this point but just be cautious..." she spoke truthfully lowering her head to the ground in unison with her body.
02-25-2018, 02:47 AM
He watched her display. His head tilting to the side slightly as he pondered this thought. It was a mess indeed. He clicked his tongue and finally replied. "Some can never truly love or show love in the way another wants and that is okay. It is how each wants to view or interpret it is all that matters. Love is different for everyone and that is something you will need to remember. You may not feel as most do, and that is fine. You feel how you feel and don't let another change that." His silver eyes seeming to glow softly with fire against his darker red and grey fur, but seeming to blend in more with his creme color. 

Rapture was just glad she seemed to understand a bit. "Even if it takes you a while to learn to love someone or never do that is fine. Don't feel pressured one way or another. Things all come with time." He blinked at her and smiled softly. It was cute to see her so defenseless in this position. He almost felt like she was a pup again. Oh that was long ago though. So very long ago. 

"But just remember trust your heart. It is the one that will always be true to you."
03-03-2018, 03:42 AM
Diverna listened attentively as her father spoke, giving her valuable advice she took it under consideration though even so a shred of her still doesn't trust those who try to get too close to her father, it's just her natural instinct. She would then be a bit more curious of the matter of her mother, she turned her gaze to her beloved father," Dad, how was mom like, I know how she was killed but not much of her general way about life itself" she stated. Diverna's tip of her tail ignited into purple flames swaying as she then wondered something else as well.

Diverna thought about it again, if she would even be ready to lead the pack," Also.. do you think I would be even capable of leading the pack once day?" she asked curious to what he may would say.
03-08-2018, 12:53 AM
"I'll say this. No one is ready to lead this pack I don't believe. I wasn't ready when I took the throne so I cannot say you will be. I think it's a responsibility one should be willing to rise to, not expect to already be at," he said after a moment. Amusement in those silver eyes. He knew better then to think he was a perfect leader when he started. Oh gods he was a fool if anything. It was always so hard to appease this pack and gods forbid he try to change on thing. Some of them would have an absolute fit. 

As for her mother...

Oh that was much harder. Like what did she want to know exactly? He blinked curious about she had asked him. "Well she was very strong willed like you. Liked to do things herself with no help what so ever. She often tested my patiences, but she pushed me to be what I am. She pushed me harder then most and that is why I chose her to have a litter with," he admitted. "She had a fire that no water could ever have put out. She burned hotter then the sun for things she was passionate about."
03-31-2018, 03:03 PM
Diverna felt better after her father spoken on the matter of his perspective while leading the pack, she chuckled slightly," I see.. well then I hope to live up. No. I hope to exceed further than you and mother, I want the best for this pack and I want to ensure of it's everlasting existence.." she'd say igniting her purple flames upon her tail full of passion. She listened closely as he spoke about her mother, she reminded her of herself, which made sense know why she acted as such," I wish.. I could've met her.." she'd say narrowing her eyes a bit as she seemed somewhat bummed out about it. She always knew what to do to cheering herself up though, it was the perfect time as well for some father daughter bonding.

She turned her head over to her father," Father, would you like to go on a hunt? I am quite eager to get some fresh corpses today" she'd asked hoping he would agree.
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