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Haliea: 25th day

Ashes to Ashes
10-05-2017, 05:26 PM
Thread Status: Closed
Players involved:Kila, King
Characters involved: Ezio (Kila), Giriana (King)
Setting: Yfarsel, the Nkazon Desert, and the ashen remains of Jackroth's shrine
Time: Early morning
Weather: Cool and clear, and will be hot and arid nearing the desert.
Previous Thread: http://www.antarsia-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=659

The sun hadn't even begun to rise, yet Ezio was awake in his study. The fire Giriana had light in the fireplace had all but burned out, leaving nothing but smouldering embers. He'd slept in his study, something his back protested greatly, but it had been a necessity. Their route would bring them through the desert, and while Giriana was a dragon, Ezio wasn't certain how she'd fare under the desert's scorching sun. So he'd mapped out a route that would take them along the desert's edge for as long as possible, down to the shore and then into the desert. Their route would, thankfully, avoid Eden. He wasn't quite in the mood to detour in visiting his uncle, or in explaining to Giriana that he was a fellow royal.

With a grandiose yawn and a long stretch, the man rolled up his map and packed it away. Quickly rising to his feet, Ezio moved and left his study. The sun was about to crest the horizon, and it was time to get moving.

Around the house things were quiet. A few of his students were out and about, off to do their day's work, but it was mostly the servants who were moving about, opening the curtains and preparing the house for the coming day. Many ignored Ezio as they moved about their business, and Ezio did the same. There was no need for formalities this early, especially when he was about to leave for gods new how long.

He headed down the stairs to one of the guest rooms--the one he'd had prepared for Giriana the previous day--and knocked with the back of his hand. "Giriana, it's time to wake up. We'll be leaving soon." The halls were beginning to smell of pastries. The cooks were in the kitchen preparing a lavish assortment of dishes for the house, and Ezio hoped there would be something among them that the dragoness would enjoy. But first, he had to wake her up...
10-05-2017, 10:52 PM
The dragoness was already awake. Being this surrounded by unfamiliar minds in her sleep had caused her to sleep light, and she was easily woken by the smell of food being prepared. She took a little while to remember what had happened the previous day, but when she did, she quickly jolted herself to full consciousness.

She’d changed the room a little during the night. For one thing, the temperature of the room had soared thanks to the fire stones she’d created. The furnishings, while not uncomfortable, were altered subtly to make them more favorable to a dragon. All of it meant that while Giriana did not sleep easily, she did sleep well, and was ready to meet the day.

When the knock came, she was sitting at a mirror, trying to get the tangled mess of her hair into shape without using magic. Well, mostly without magic. She'd made a comb, but that didn't count. She'd managed to get most of the knots and tangles out of it when he knocked, and, sighing, she stood up. She'd still been wearing sleeping clothes she'd made from her outfit the day before, so she quickly changed them into a proper outfit, similar to those she'd seen worn by Ezio's apprentices the day before. Once she was satisfied with her outfit, she went to open the door, still fixing the last tangles of her hair as she did so.

"I'll be ready to head out in just...a...moment." She got the last knot out of her hair, then set the brush down on a stand. "Ok, I'm ready to go when you are." She was both excited and nervous about going, and it showed in her expression. Then her stomach rumbled. "Or...I'll be ready once I've had food. Whatever they're making smells delicious."
10-06-2017, 01:56 PM
With her response, Ezio opened the door and leaned against the frame, watching the young woman finish playing with her hair. Unlike her, he was still dressed is the same clothes as he was yesterday, his hair the same toussled mess kept contained in a mare's tail. There were some things that spanned across all species, and that seemed to be that women loved their hair. It made the man chuckle to himself.

"Knowing the cooks, they've prepared an array of tasty treats in hopes of pleasing everyone," he said with a bright smile, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "We'll be eating in the kitchen, instead of joining the apprentices in the dining hall." He gestured for her to follow him as he led her through the halls and through the double doors of the kitchen.

The cooks were busy. One was tending to a large batch of scrambled eggs, another was frying bacon and sausages, another was cooking potatoes, and another was glazing sweet rolls. The air was fragrant with all manner of scents, from the sweetness of the glaze to the smell of rendering meats. Ezio went to to a bowl of fruit for an apple, which he pocketed, and made a bee-line for the glazed sweet rolls.

"Please help yourself, Giriana," he said before taking a bite. "There's plenty to choose from."
10-06-2017, 03:06 PM
Giriana smiled, then darted through the kitchen. She grabbed a plate, and immediately piled it high with pastries, eggs, and bacon. She stopped by the bowl of fruit and looked at it curiously. After a few moments of hesitation, she swiped an apple and a banana, curious about them. She found herself a chair and dug into her pile of food, leaving the apple and banana for last. She was unsure about them, because it wasn't like dragons ever really ate fruits. Maybe in Seliel, but Giri had never left the palace for very long.

The dragoness cleaned her plate very quickly, putting away far more food than someone her size had any right to, but was still a little hungry. She set her plate aside, then pulled out the apple and stared at it, debating if she wanted to bite it or not. It smelled interesting, she thought, but that could have just been all the other aromas in the kitchen. After what felt like ten minutes of staring, but was probably more like one, she tentatively took a deep bite of apple.

Immediately, her face perked up. It wasn't like anything she'd ever eaten before, and she was perfectly happy to keep eating it. Which she did, core and all. Everything but the stem. Then she got up to sneak more.
10-06-2017, 04:13 PM
"She's a spirited lass, isn't she," said one of the cooks, turning back to glance between Ezio and Giriana. "Yer gonna have yer hands full with this one, Master Ezio." There was a twinkle in the plump old woman's eyes, and she regarded Ezio more teasingly than the other cooks. 

"Aye, but it's nothing I can't handle, Granny," Ezio replied in tune, giving her a wink. "She has more manners than my son, at least."

Wiping flour from her hands onto her apron, marred with smears of flour already, she tucked her greying hair up into her kerchief with a belly-laugh. She dismissed the comment and took a plate from a clean stack, setting a fresh apple turnover onto it as she walked it over to Giriana. "If ya like apples ya don't have to sneak them, dearie," she crooned, setting the plate down. "Try this. It's full of apples so fresh they were just picked yesterday." The doting old woman gave a wink to the girl before turning sharply to Ezio and scolding him, "And you, Master Ezio, need to eat a proper breakfast. Now go eat a full plate before I spank you with a wooden spoon and force feed you like the bird you are." She rested her hands on her hips and gave him a pointed glare only capable by a mother.

"Yes Granny!"

Soon the man had a plate piled high (at the urging of Granny) with eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pastries. Seating himself next to Giriana, Ezio looked at the daunting plate of food in front of him, glancing at the dragoness, almost pleading for her to help him devour the food. Under Granny's keen eyes, Ezio thought better and began to quickly eat. "So, I take it you're not much of a fruit eater usually?" he asked in jest. "You should try some of the others."
10-09-2017, 03:01 PM
Giriana nodded guiltily. "Dragons usually eat meat, and not much else. While I know breads and pastries...fruit isn't something I've ever really had." She smiled, and grabbed a few more pieces of fruit. A few apples, another banana (which she hid away for later), and a pear. The apples didn't last long, though, and she scarfed them down in seconds, core and all. Then she stared at the pear. It seemed...different, than the apple, and she wasn't sure what to think about it. Very tentatively, she took a nibble of it.

And promptly dropped it.

"Gluh." Her face scrunched up. "Not as nice as the apples. Not even close." Now she was worried that she wouldn't like most fruit, and the apples had been an interesting exception. Carefully, she glanced over at the bowls and spotted some other, odd looking plants. Deciding it couldn't hurt to try, she went over and grabbed the odd orbs, which happened to turn out to be peaches. They were still damp, having been freshly washed. She took a careful bite.

And instantly closed her eyes. Turns out peaches were just meat-like enough to get right to the senses in her brain that said 'yes'. She took another bite, then another, and before she knew it, she had half a dozen seeds sitting on her plate. She looked down at it, then glanced at Ezio sheepishly.

10-11-2017, 02:00 PM
The man gave a laugh as he watched the pits pile up on her plate, and the color rose to her face. At least she'd found some fruits she'd liked, and only in their raw form. "You might prefer pears when they're baked in honey, but I have to agree that peaches are a very good fruit." He gave a smile and an agreeing nod. He himself was quite fond of the fruit, with its heart shape and supple flesh. They were good raw, baked, even frozen.

He dove his fork into some potatoes and was quick to finish those off. Thanks to his species, he didn't have any particular favorites--though he was fond of meat when the mood struck him. Before long, his plate was empty, though he was left feeling a little too full for comfort. Though he knew it was better than taking a licking from Granny's spoon. It was enough to make him shudder at the thought.

"Clean plate, Granny. I can't eat another bite," he said, bringing his plate over to the washing station. "Giriana, if you're done we should get moving. The sooner we leave, the less trouble we'll run into getting out of the city."

"You best not be takin' the lass into any trouble, Master Ezio."

"I'm not, I'm not! She'll be perfectly safe with me, I just don't want to get the horses tangled up in the streets!" Ezio was quick to take to the defensive, clearly powerless against the grit of the old woman. "And I'll bring both of us back safe and sound, Granny. That's a promise."

"Good, because I'm too old to look for another job," the woman crowed. "And I've grown rather used to living here."

Ezio gave a laugh as he walked to the door. "Of course, Granny, of course." As he opened the door, the man gestured for Giriana to proceed. Time was ticking away, and the sooner they figured this oracle slaughter, the better.
11-07-2017, 01:50 PM
Giriana smiled, showing off her teeth a little more than she meant to. "I'm sure we'll both be fine." She swiped another banana off the table and tucked it away with the first. Then she took the rest of the peaches and slipped them into her bag for later. She wasn't sure how she'd managed to fit what had to be a dozen peaches in there without making a mess, but she did it.

"Now, you said we should get to the horses?" Giriana slipped through the door almost silently, her bare feet hardly making a sound. She walked lightly by nature, and her dislike of shoes meant that she didn't need to worry about being noisy. "Is that how you plan to get us going the whole way, or are we just using them to get out of town?" She didn't want to brag, but most dragons could fly faster than a horse could run. Was this going to be a slow trip?

However, once she was out of earshot of the woman in the kitchen, her curiosity shifted. "Who was that woman? You called her Granny, but she didn't feel like a sphinx." She could feel a slight push of unease, and wasn't sure what was triggering it. It was probably just nerves from being told that one of her equals had been killed.
11-26-2017, 02:10 PM
"Granny is just a human who insists everyone calls her Granny," he replied with a laugh. "Everyone listens to it, and no one minds. She's the house's matriarch. Even I know better than to incur her wrath." Ezio flashed Giriana a toothy grin as he led her through the halls to the alley beside the house, where the stable lay just beyond. The air was thick with the scent of horses and tack. Stable hands were bustling about, now that the stables had been mucked out it was time to groom. Some were brushing, others were leading horses out for rent--the stable was bustling with activity.

"I'd been planning for us to ride the entire way," Ezio said plainly. He could sense the girl's anxiety, though he had no plans of wavering in his decision. "True, dragons can fly. I have no doubt that you want to simply take off and reach the shrine in a matter of hours." The man's gaze was fixed straight ahead as he entered the stable, his stride long and confident. The lead stable hand gave him a nod and quickly departed into the maze of stalls.

He leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms before regarding Giriana again. "While you can fly, I cannot." His voice dropped low. "And even in my other form it would take me days to cross the distance." It was easy to lie to the girl. She didn't need to know his particular secret just yet. There was a time and place for everything, and this was neither.

The manager returned with a pair of beautiful golden horses that were the color of straw. They were tacked and ready to depart, with packs on their sides. Ezio took the reins from him and dismissed him with a wave of his hand. He stroked the nose of the mare he'd be riding and crooned to her. Without pause he offered the second set of reins to Giriana. "You do know how to ride, yes?"
01-01-2018, 02:02 PM
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Giriana shook her head, standing back from the horses a little awkwardly. "I'm a dragon. Most horses bolt as soon as they smell me. I'm a predator animal, and they're prey." She'd positioned herself to be downwind from the horses, so they wouldn't be able to smell her, at least for a little while. She was also near the door, just in case they panicked in a way that could be dangerous.

"So no, I've never ridden a horse before. I've only seen people ride them recently. Riders tend to avoid dragon lands, just in case one of my kind decides that the horse would make a good snack." She frowned, not sure how that would work. She didn't know how to ride at all, and would probably fall off. And that was assuming the horse didn't try to throw her off as soon as it smelled her. At the same time, she couldn't just fly along after him, because she'd spook his horse.

After a few moments of thought, Giriana crossed her arms and looked at the floor. "Even though I don't want to eat them, is there even a way to make them know that? They're probably gonna run as soon as I get close."
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