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Haliea: 25th day

Broken Silence
07-17-2017, 10:00 PM
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Thread Status: Open!
Players involved: Cass, Koko, Nightmare
Characters involved: Fallow (Cass), Gemini (Nightmare), Lijuan (Koko)
Setting: Sodanryn Forest
Time: Late afternoon
Weather: Calm and sunny, with a warm breeze coming from the south. Deeper in the forest it's a little dark, thanks to the trees blocking out the summer sun.


Summer was such a beautiful season. The birds were softly chirping and twittering away, flitting about from one branch to another as they did whatever it was birds did. Beetles and bees flew around lazily in the late-day's heat. Even in the shade of the forest it was still warm, but not unpleasantly so. Just a touch of humidity to ring of summer, but the breeze carried any sense of heat away, rustling the branches and leaves of the canopy is a symphony of blissful nature. And that was just the way Fallow liked it. He sat under a tree near his home, a modest little cottage he'd built over the years with the help of his animal friends, and with their help he'd continued to add to it. Why, they'd even added a second floor now, and Fallow was more than delighted to keep the windows open to allow animals inside for a cool place to rest as thanks for their help.

A brook ran nearby, and a deer drank from it, a sign that all was well in the peaceful woods. Fallow gave a contented sigh as he leaned against the tree, long legs outstretched in the grass as he closed his eyes to just enjoy the sound of nature. Summer truly was a beautiful season, though there was the faintest bit of an itch on his antlers that signaled it would soon be time to shed his velvet. Lazily the young man drew a hand out of a small pouch at his side and spread birdseed in a wide arc around him. Songbirds descended from all around, some greedily pecking at the seed while others were content to perch on Fallow's antlers, shoulders, and legs.

"Ha ha," he chimed brightly, "Thought I'd forgotten, did we? You know I could never forget," he assured the birds, his voice soft. All was well in his world, but things had a way of changing.

The deer that had been drinking from the brook suddenly lurched to attention, her ears swiveling off into the distance before she bounded off into the thick underbrush, where it wasn't long before she had disappeared entirely. The birds were next to flee into the trees, making nary a sound except for their wingbeats. An eerie quiet fell over the wood, a hush that set Fallow on edge. Slowly he rose to his feet, slouching so his antlers would brush against the lower branches, and took his bow in hand. Notching an arrow into place, though not yet drawing, he waited and listened.

Fallow was no longer alone in the woods.

07-18-2017, 06:23 AM

"Let me think - I cannot concentrate with that incessant whining of yours!" Gemini said in a harsh whisper towards herself, her currently blue-eyes narrowing as she brought her hands to her own head, fingers sifting through the blonde locks as they rested upon her scalp in frustration. She was currently adopting the appearance of the personality within her mind that identified as Verdiana: A young blonde-haired girl that appeared to be in her mid to late teens, clad in her typical mage attire consisting of long blue robes with a white shirt underneath along with a large blue and pointed hat as well as a wand which was nestled in a sheath created by the cloth belt worn around her waist. This form was the most dominant part of Gemini's mind and was the one that often did most of the talking and exploring the world, not that the other half was all too happy with the situation - as evidenced by their hushed argument.

Typically, Gemini's two halves shared a relatively symbiotic relationship: With Verdiana acting as the analytical half of the two, and Minerva - her other half - acting as a more creative and improvisational half which was capable of seeing things in such a way that Verdiana was incapable of, as well as being better at establishing relationships with those they came across. However, Minerva felt as if she were no longer being treated fairly by her other half and even as if she were being neglected or ignored entirely as of late: Something that made the non-dominant half of Gemini's personality and mind quite unsettled, to put such mildly.

"Let me take over! Just for a little bit! - It's driving me crazy not being able to do anything and just watching you all day!" Minerva protested, eliciting a brief wince from Verdiana before she shouted out in a not-so-hushed voice: "Just be quiet!" which would cause Minerva to fall silent for the time being as the blonde-haired girl angrily marched into the woods, not with any real goal in mind save for trying to find a place that she could clear her head for a little bit and perhaps even let Minerva take control of their shared form for a little bit if for no other reason than to make up for shouting at her as she just had.

"Minerva..." Verdiana said after a few moments of silence, frowning as she realized that perhaps she was a bit too harsh on the other half of herself. She just wanted to have some sort of control for a little bit after all, and it was not as if Verdiana had exactly been generous in that department for quite some time; was it really necessary to get so upset at her over wanting some freedom now and again? After receiving no reply for a few seconds, Verdiana sighed deeply and closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts, taking a deep breath before she felt her control over the body gradually begin to fade away until her eyes opened and she was no longer controlling the body - but simply looking through her eyes.

The new form was now that of Minerva, still retaining the same clothing as before but now having brown hair instead of blonde and bright red eyes instead of blue, and an over all demeanor that suggested a more friendly attitude than her rather aloof counterpart. Minerva smiled softly, flexing her hands as she whispered quiet thanks towards her other half before continuing deeper into the forest - now to explore, rather than to escape as Verdiana had. 

Continuing through the forest, she would stop upon seeing a rather cozy looking cottage in the distance. Bringing her hand up to her brow in order to block sunlight from her vision, Minerva would examine the abode from a distance for a few moments before breaking into a wide grin of excitement and bounding off towards it: Hoping to see if anyone was home, and try to make a new friend while she still had control over her body if so.

It would not take long of course once she approached to notice the rather intimidatingly sized individual with antlers and a bow at the ready. Minerva would skid to a stop a few arm lengths away and raise her hands slightly in a show of innocence, giving an anxious smile as she did so:

"Uhm... Hi?"

07-18-2017, 03:22 PM
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The forest had always seemed a very peaceful place, birds chirping and flying about; going on about their business for the day no matter what that seemed to be. Animals of the forest doing basically the same thing, though most of them without the gift of flight. That didn't detour them of course but they, as much as she was, were always so very aware of their surroundings. Jijuan was rather aware as well, a peaceful forest could easily turn into one that was less peaceful. Not only were there the gentle creatures of the forest but the ones there weren't so. Perhaps it wouldn't change, as many animals didn't seem to cautious. Then again, it wasn't like she could read their minds; though that would be useful for a variety of reasons. Who would want to look into another's private thoughts anyway? They were private for a reason and keeping it that way was more than acceptable.

A sigh escaped the females lips as she tread along, grass and other plants rustling around her feet. This caused a few of the woodland creatures to flee at the sudden sounds. It wasn't long before the lively forest seemed to become eerily quiet; a shout from the distance could be heard, though not far off in reality. The woman's ears flattened back against her head upon hearing the shout; the vibrations echoing through the dense trees. There was no doubt in her mind she wasn't the only one to hear it but probably the only one to assume whoever it was... was quite an idiot for shouting in the forest. 

Her feet moved a little faster through the forest now as she made a bee line towards the area the sound had come from; though she kept a causious sense to her just incase things turned ugly. She had no idea who would be there or is there was more than one individual there either; maybe there would be no one there. The only way she'd find out is when she reached the point of which didn't take too long. Lijuan must not have been far off, for just a few more steps ahead she came upon a small home in the forest. Standing there was a woman brown hair, of which she could assume was the one who shouted not too long ago and the other; a tall man with white hair, a pair of antlers on his head. He had an arrow at the ready but not drawn.

"You've got to be kidding me..." she groaned lightly under her breath. The Kirin couldn't believe this is what she came all the way here for; her time would have been better used going the other direction. Too bad a light sense of curiosity had taken over her.

07-18-2017, 05:16 PM

"Oh, it's just a girl..." As Fallow closed his eyes and sighed, his entire body relaxed, his back straightening out and allowing him to take his full impressive height. He returned the arrow to its quiver, the bow now needless, as he looked down at the girl with brown hair and red eyes. "I-I thought you might have been a hunter," he stammered in apology. "I'm t-terribly sorry to have frightened you, but this place is, um, it's kind of an...ah, um... sanctuary for animals here..." And then the realization hit him as another female voice spoke out.

There was a girl. Not one girl, but two. In the forest. In front of his house, no less.

Oh dear.

Oh gosh.

He spun his head to look at the second woman, but in the act got his antlers caught in the low hanging branches. With an audible gasp as his head snapped back, tangled in a web of branches, spindly arms awkwardly trying to wrangle his antlers free, the pale man found himself feeling, and looking, quite the fool.

"Oh no. I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it's just--visitors here are--I'm terribly sorry, b-but could I maybe get some help?" His face twisted into a grimace as the branches scraped against his velvet. Not yet! It's too early! And certainly the last thing Fallow needed was to bleed on his guests.

Were they guests?

Did he even know how to entertain guests?

"Oh bother..."

07-19-2017, 01:43 AM
Minerva would be grateful that this antlered man was at least not looking for a fight, offering him a small smile and preparing to respond to his meek explanation before she would be interrupted by the entrance of another individual whom the man had begun to address - and in the process gotten himself stuck upon the low-hanging branches of a tree in a manner that she had to admit was a bit funny despite the man's seemingly flighty nature. Upon hearing his request for help, however, she would be quick to attempt and free the man from the branches in a careful manner - doing so either with or without the other woman's help, before then dropping her hands to her sides in a passive manner.

"I didn't mean to intrude, I was just kind of lost..." Minerva would say with a faint blush on her cheeks, being a bit embarrassed by her own rather flimsy explanation. "And I saw this home of yours, and I was kind of hoping to find my way to the nearest City." She would go on to say, offering the same anxious smile as before while casting her gaze between the two strangers. "I've never actually met any non-humans in person before - Are you two um... related?" She would ask awkwardly, before then quickly adding. "Not saying that you two look alike - Just that it's a really big coincidence the two of you were so close when I showed up." She would add, before then pursing her lips and muttering a quick, "I'm going to shut up about that before I make myself look any dumber..." aloud while idly swinging a boot-covered foot back and forth in the earth.

After a few moments of silence, unless she would be stopped from doing so, Minerva would speak again. "Anyway! - I guess I should introduce myself: I'm Minerva Ficca." She would say, extending a hand towards the others and adding warmly towards the strangers with a smile, "And you two are?" she would ask curiously with bright eyes, patiently waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile, her other half spoke within their shared mind on the situation that they had found themselves in: "Keep your guard up, Minerva - That man may seem innocent enough, nonhumans are not to be trusted." She would say, to which Minerva would mistakingly reply aloud. "Oh, Vee, you worry too much." She would say with a soft shake of her head, before then realizing she spoke aloud and freezing up for a second, hoping that neither of them had noticed the little slip-up; She didn't want to put her other half in any danger, or herself for that matter, and she only assumed that the two knowing about her split mind could possibly put them at risk. 

Swallowing hard, Minerva took a moment to steel herself and stood straight, her gaze focused upon the other two as she let them take the lead in the conversation for the time being - deciding it was best she stop trying to make small-talk for a few seconds at least and simply listen for once: Because even if she was wrong, Verdiana was the last person she wanted to argue with right now because she let her guard down around two strangers.

"You just had to go and open your mouth, Minerva..." Minerva chastised herself, a soft sigh escaping her lips.

07-19-2017, 04:03 PM

Lijuan didn't really respond to either of the two, though she did listen; but found herself rolling her eyes as she walked towards the very timid deer man. Her ears flicked here and there in response to just listening to the other woman talk.. and talk. Almost like she didn't even know what she was saying rather than rambling about- something? Either way, the man had asked for help, seeing as his antlers had seemed to become entangled with the low hanging branches of the tree. In that moment the woman was quite lucky that she was much shorter than this fellow, and that she had only one antler on her head. Even then, it didn't branch out like his did. 

The more the other spoke, she could feel her tail twitch with irritation. Sure, the constant talking was one reason, but how could anyone mistake her for being a relative of this man? Was it the white hair? Plenty of non-human beings had white hair.. or at least she could assume something like that. "If we were at all related he wouldn't be such a wimp," she bluntly said as she found herself standing in front of the man. 

Eyes gazed upon the mess of anters in the tree, pupils dilated as she pondered what to do. Then again, she already had some kind of idea of what to do. Without even saying a word to the tall man, she reached into his quiver and pulled out an arrow; grasping it in her hand as he feet moved her to his back. Lijuan was still listening to the woman, who soon asked for their names. She couldn't lie, she certainly wasn't even paying attention enough to know that she had spoken her own name.

"Annoyed.." the Kirin female stated, just before placing the arrow between her teeth and using the man's shoulders to hoist herself up higher to reach the branches. This was a better way she could think of doing this; as climbing up the tree and on the branch might have not went too well. One wrong move and she might have just fallen and caused more harm to this man. 

Once she was where she needed, she placed either knee onto his shoulders; this was probably the tallest she'd ever feel in her lifetime. After that she took the arrow from between her teeth and used the shart point to carefully saw away at the branches; making sure to keep the blade away from the soft fuzz of his antlers. 

Lijuan would have had to be an idiot not to notice how the brunette seemed to speak to herself, but dismissed as her probably being mad. Why else would someone speak to themselves if not mad? Perhaps she was even hearing voices in her mind, the poor thing. Oh well, nothing could be done about an illness of the mind. Would be better if she just kept her concentration on the task at hand. 

07-19-2017, 06:06 PM

The brunette--who introduced herself as Minerva, which Fallow thought was a very charming name--continued to talk. And talk. And talk....perhaps only to herself, it seemed. Maybe she was nervous? He had notched an arrow and prepared to draw, after all; it would only be natural.

The other woman, the one with white hair who was very clearly a kirin, was less so. She was, most definitely, annoyed.

"Oh, no, we're um, not--" His quiet voice was drowned out by her blunt voice, "If we were at all related he wouldn't be such a wimp." Ah. Ouch.

She was completely right, of course, but it was still unpleasant to hear, and it made his pale cheeks burn pink. Yep, she was most definitely annoyed.

The kelahati soon found himself as a living ladder for the kirin, who climbed him rather like a tree, an arrow in her teeth. His pale cheeks burned brighter as she hauled himself up his gangly, delicate frame, and came to rest with her knees on his shoulders. Fallow found himself wobbling a bit under her weight--not that she was heavy or anything! Not at all, a lovely woman such as this mysterious kirin could never be too heavy! He was just, as she'd said, a wimp.

And this wimp quickly realized he'd yet to introduce himself.

Swallowing his fear, and finding it hard to focus on anything but the sound of an arrow sawing his antlers free--oh please gods don't nick the velvet I don't want to bleed--he did his best to put on a smile as he wobbled once again. "M-my name is Fallow," he said, mostly at the ground. "Um, as you can guess, I live here, and, um, the nearest town is, um, north." His yellow-gold eyes studied Minerva intently. She was definitely a curious sort, what with the talking to herself and all, but she was most certainly guarded. Fallow supposed that was natural for a human, as intolerant as their race was. At least the townspeople to the north were nice enough to him, though at first they were wary. Probably because a towering ghost of a man with antlers wandering out of the woods was, well, odd to say the least.

"I could, um, shelter you for the night? B-both of you, i-if you'd like?" he asked, wringing his hands together as cut pieces of branches fell around him. "There's plenty of room, a-and I can always make extra mushroom soup. S-summer mushrooms are always a bit milder than the ones that grow in autumn, b-but they still make a very good meal. O-or I could make you something from my garden? Um...and then I could show you to town? If you want?" Fallow scratched his neck, his cheeks still red. "I know the wood quite well, a-and the animals won't trouble you if I'm around. Especially the bears. They're, um, all over the place foraging. I-I'd hate for you to startle each other..."

07-21-2017, 01:34 AM
Minerva was a bit disappointed that the stranger which was freeing the antlered man decided to be rather aloof in response to having been asked her name, although she simply assumed that she was acting in such a way because she did not really care for the brown-haired girl's questions, which she figured to be a reasonable assumption due to how she had responded when asking about the relationship between her and this antlered man.

At least this man was kinder and willing to share his own name and even go so far as to offer directions - and then furthermore shelter and guidance! Minerva was honestly quite pleasantly surprised by the offer and would beam a wide smile despite her other half's protests towards Fallow as she spoke up cheerfully: "I'd be honored! - Well, half of me is." She would say, adding the second part of her sentence internally as Minerva could already hear Verdiana's voice within her mind.

"Do you know what sort of danger you are placing us in? What if these two decided to attack us in the middle of the night?! Just because one of them says a few nice things you think that they are worth trusting? Do not make me regret letting you take over, Minerva." Verdiana chastised her other half, causing Minerva to visibly wince as she placed a hand on her forehead and spoke inwardly towards her other half. "I still have our wand, if things get bad - I can just . . . I don't know, start a fire or something and get us out of there!" She said internally, before then adding. "If we don't stay here for the night, then we'll be out in the wild with all of the animals - Isn't that dangerous for our body too?" She pleaded, eliciting only silence from her other half which seemed to suggest that her argument at least worked enough to make Verdiana quiet on the subject for the time being.

After a few moments, Minerva slowly removed the hand from her forehead and turned her red gaze upon her two new acquaintences again, moreso upon Fallow than the other woman due to the latters rather cold attitude towards the Human girl: "I could also definitely go for something to eat." She would say with a little smile, her bright attitude once again reappearing as she glanced towards the house. "I hope I didn't scare any of your animal friends earlier, I had a bit of a problem with a friend." She would then say, rubbing the back of her head below her hat a little bit. "I was arguing with this friend of mine, and well - she left me here as you can tell." She would try to explain herself a bit more thoroughly for earlier, giving a small frown as she did so.

"I will try not to be too much of a burden - I promise." She then added, glancing towards the other stranger. "And I'll try to not annoy you as much, either." She concluded, trying to at least appear somewhat friendly towards the cold woman as she fell silent and waited for the other two to respond or act further, following along in the event that they made their way towards the house and simply standing put otherwise - her other half being quiet for the time being on the matter.

07-21-2017, 05:51 PM

In hindsight, perhaps the Kirin should have been taking in what either of the two were saying; but considering she herself was quite busy at the moment, it was probably more than better to keep her concentration. The last thing she wanted to do, even if her irritation showed, was to allow herself to come anywhere close to this man's antlers. Not only would she not want him to bleed, but she'd rather keep herself from being bled on. Blood stains were the worst to get out of anything.

"Keep still, otherwise I'm GOING to end up cutting you," her voice was blunt and to the point. The more he wobbled resulted in her wobbling, of which she would have to regain balance as to not fall off his shoulders. 

Nimble hands continued to saw away at the branches, one by one falling towards the ground around the tall man; each one freeing his antlers even more. The more she sawed though, the more the sharp blade of the arrow seemed to grow dull, which was irritating the hell out of her. With arrow in hand she tossed it down to the ground, only to take the last branch within her sharp teeth as she began to chew away at it. This proved rather efficient, but damn did it taste horrible. Note to self, always carry a sharp knife from now on, just encase she needed to free another tall oaf. 

"There we go," she spoke once again, only to turn her head while she tried to get the bits of wood and foliage from out of her mouth, "I'm not doing this again, so you better watch where you're damn head it at." With that, she carfully shimmied her from off of his shoulers, carful as she finally landed of solid ground. Lijuan almost wanted to kiss it, considering she was on someone who wobbled far too much. 

The female's ears perked up slightly, her gaze wondering over towards the brunette standing there. Her brows furrowed slightly, only to let out a scoff, "we'll see about that..." Annoyance was something that always seemed to come natural to her, even in an adolecent stage, and something that detoured people. Yet, for her, it was ok. She'd always been rather solitary anyway.

"So what's this about shelter for the night?" the woman raised a brow, "though as nice as it might sound, I can't be certain either of you won't ver well kill me in my sleep. Someone easy to trust is just more easy to kill, no?"

07-22-2017, 07:33 PM

As the kirin, who'd still yet to introduce herself, shimmied down the newly freed Fallow, his cheeks flushed. He wanted to say that it wasn't often that he got stuck and that it was all of this commotion that had him so addled in the first place, but that would be rude. He wanted to say that he'd have been able to hold still if he hadn't been so nervous, but instead the deer kelahati just put on a smile and rubbed his neck. She was right, after all, and this is why he preferred to live in the forest. It was easier that way. Easier than feeling his chest tighten around his thundering heart or the feeling of his head swimming and spinning. It was easier than having to constantly explain he was harmless every three seconds, as he was about to have to do now.

Fallow sank down to one knee and began picking up the small branches scattered around him. It'd be good kindling for a fire, once they'd dried of course. His heart was in his throat, and he found it quite difficult to say much of anything, even though the two were waiting on him to further clarify what he meant. Especially Minerva, the poor dear, left in the woods by her friend. How cruel! That humans could even be so cruel to their own was beyond him. His family had never done such a thing, or anyone in the village for that matter. They'd all been supportive of each other... His hand hovered above the final branch as Fallow felt his heart leap into his throat and his breath catch.

His family...

He wondered how his dad was doing. Last he'd heard he was still very sick...

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Fallow gave a nervous sort of chuckle that sounded more like he was choking back a sob as he stood back up, mindful of where his towering frame was in relation to the trees. "That's just terrible, Minerva," he said softly. "You both did give my friends quite a scare, though, so I'll have to ask you to please keep it quiet, at least in the sanctuary...p-please." He clutched the branches in his arms as though they were a saving grace, and glanced back at the kirin woman, who certainly didn't seem too keen on staying. Not that he thought she couldn't handle herself out in the woods at night, but he'd just feel like a poor host...

Even though he wanted nothing more than to be alone right now.

"Um, sorry, miss," he began, "I just offered you a room for the night to be hospitable, a-and you did get me out of those branches? I was j-just trying to be polite, but I can't make you stay. B-but I can assure you, I wouldn't try to kill...to try and kill you. Um, my house in a sanctuary for the, ah...for the animals here, and to be honest I can't even hurt a fly. I b-barely hunt as it is, and when I do it's...it's fish..." Fallow's face turned scarlet. "I can't understand the fish, so I feel l-less guilty eating them..."

He fidgeted, moving his weight from one leg to another, and finally turned to Minerva again. "W-well, since it seems like it'll be just the two of us tonight please allow me to help you, um, get situated in my home. We can even set out later to find your friend, if you'd like? After you've eaten and rested a bit... I-I'd hate for her to get even more lost in these woods."

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