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Haliea: 25th day

[M] The Cat and the Assassin
07-05-2017, 09:31 PM
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Thread Status: Closed
Players involved: Andromeda and Cassiopeia
Characters involved: Zaeren and Brianna
Setting: Estosa City and the surrounding grasslands
Time: Midday
Weather: Sunny and warm, with storm clouds looming on the horizon

"Well fuck you, too!" Brianna snarled as she hit the ground outside of a bakery in the wonderful and hospitable city of Estosa. Her pack hit the ground next to her, and her eyes met those of the store's owner.

"We don't take kindly to your kind around here," he said, drawling low and gruff.

Ears flat against her skull, Brianna shot back, "Well I hope you choke on that sorry excuse you call bread!" As the door slammed behind her, the dark-skinned woman gathered her things and muttered a string of curses to herself. "Stupid bastard was more than happy to take my coins. Bloody fucking robber, what he is."

A crowd had begun to gather around her. Brianna's ears swiveled in every direction as the people murmured about her. Pack in hand and straightening to her feet, she met the crowd with an icy glare and hissed, "I can hear you, you know." Some of the meeker women in the crowd gasped or cried in alarm. Men frowned and whispered among themselves. Heat rose to her face as her anger burned white hot in her stomach.

As she slung her bow over the rest of her pack, the sound of heavy footfalls drew her attention. Before she could even turn on her bare heels, a pair of heavy hands came to rest on her shoulders. Glancing back at the hands owners, Brianna found herself gazing up at a pair of city guards.

"We're going to have to ask you to leave."

"Get your hands off of me," she hissed, fangs bared.

Their hands tightened against her shoulders in unison--the hand on her left shoulder putting uncomfortable pressure on her scar--and Brianna found herself being ushered forward. "I'm afraid that's not an option, outsider." The older of the two had growled into her ear, and Brianna's blood ran cold.

Whirling around with claws unsheathed, pupils narrowed to little more than slits, Brianna lashed out. "I said get your hands off me!"

A stinging pain erupted in her wrist as the second guard struck her with the shaft of his spear. The hands tightened against her, and Brianna found herself starting at the sharp point of a spear.

"That wasn't too smart, miss."


The ground came flying towards her a lot quicker than she expected. With just enough time to hold her hands out and brace for impact, Brianna hit the ground for the second time that day, only this time on the dirt road outside the gates of Estosa.

"And here I thought cats always landed on their feet," japed the younger guard, sneering down at her, his eyes wandering where they shouldn't.

His senior spoke dryly, no emotion on his face, "You're not welcome back, outsider."

"Well I wouldn't want to come back, anyways," Brianna said spitting at the feet of the two guards. The whoosh of a spear through the air had the feline tumbling over her hands in a cartwheel, avoiding the strike narrowly. With a toothy grin, she took her things in hand and left.

The weight of her pack rested heavily on her shoulders now, and the wrist struck by the guard began to throb. Rubbing it tenderly, Brianna sighed to herself. "At least I sold most of my pelts. Too bad I won't make it to the forest before it rains, though..." She ran a hand through her long honey-colored hair, eyes fixed on the dark clouds in the distance. "Damn this city..."

07-06-2017, 10:59 PM
It had been an amusing scene. He could say that for the very least. He had watched her for awhile curious when the humans would have had enough of her strange behavior. He knew she wasn't doing anything wrong or really out there, but they were a strange bunch. Humans that is. He had learned long ago the seemed to fear things they didn't have or really understand. They were smarter then other species in the sense they seemed to stick together, but unfortunately they never seemed to learn what generosity or kindness was. They were very selfish creatures by nature and that never seemed to change. He sighed and finished his drink, setting coins down for payment, and pulled up his hood before leaving the small market in the street. People wanted to stop him as he walked seeking money, showing things. They could tell he wasn't from here. They wanted his money, nothing more. They didn't really want him to stay. Not if they knew him. He pulled his cloak tighter as he went to the gate of the city and spotted her already moving away into the distance.

The man walked past the guards bumping them with his side rather roughly as he did so. It caused them to curse at him, but when he turned to look back at them with those bright blue eyes they seemed to hesitate. Something was there. Some a bit darker then the average person. And he also was at least seven foot tall, and well toned. That helped to deter their thoughts as well.

Without another sparing glance at them, he walked after her. She was going slower then him at least. He had a long stride, so he'd catch up to her easily enough. He bided his time until he came up next to her and glanced down at her. "Are you.... okay? I sav zat you vere trovn out of ze city," he said to her softly looking down at her. His eyes surprisingly blank despite his concern. He didn't show emotion very well. He had stopped doing that when he was much younger. Too much time had passed since then. Too many events, too much chaos. "I must say zat it vas very bad to go into ze human city. Zey don't take kindly to strangers... Or to tings zat are different."

He suddenly stopped walking and looked at her again. He could sense it. That thing he sensed earlier. It puzzled him as he stared at her. A slight gleam in his eyes betraying that there might be something alive in him after all.
07-06-2017, 11:32 PM
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She could sense the stranger before he caught up to her. His aura was...intense? The sort of intensity that filled the air before the strike of lightning. A quiet sort of danger that made the hair stand up on the back of her neck.

Brianna didn't look at him as he spoke, his words caused her tail to lash in irritation. Was he patronizing her? He was! Oh, the nerve! The feline stopped in her tracks and stamped a bare foot indignantly on the ground, the claws of her toes digging in. Turning in a fluid motion to tell the stranger off as she took a sharp breath, finger pointed directly at him, she found herself face to face with his waist?

What. the. ever-loving. hell.

The gods truly had a strange sense of humor, because this had to be a joke.

Mouth open slightly, brows knit together, finger pointing directly at his abs, Brianna found herself blinking and at a complete loss for words. Mind reeling and feeling a bit like a fish, she huffed, set a hand on her hip, and collected herself before saying, "Isn't it a crime to be that tall? And how'd they let you in, since you're obviously as different as I am?" Swallowing the ire in her throat, the feline sighed and flipped her hair idly.

"Look, mister, I appreciate the concern and all, but I know human cities are bad news. But guess what? I need money to continue living, and who buys my pelts and wares? Humans." She met his steely blue gaze with her own--one silver eye and one gold--and found herself with a chill running down her spine; though it wasn't entirely unpleasant... "I just happened to have a lot of pelts. I needed to sell them, Estosa was the closest city. I've never been thrown out before."

Why was she explaining herself to him? She didn't need to justify herself to him!

"I don't need to justify myself to you, stranger," Brianna said quickly, rolling the crystal pendant at her throat between two fingers. "But thanks, I guess. For the concern, I mean. Us strange creatures gotta look out for each other, I guess." She averted her gaze back to the horizon as a distant rumble of thunder rolled across the grasslands. "I don't suppose you know of any shelter nearby," Again Brianna glanced up at the strange man. Without waiting for an answer she pulled the head of her jaguar-skin cloak over her head and fastened the clasp around her throat, "because I'd rather not get wet."

07-08-2017, 01:12 PM
"Shelter?" The word hovered on his lips as he looked down at the small girl that just been about to jab him in his abs with her finger. For how fast his rage had come, it had left just as fast. He had noticed that among species. Most seemed to react the same as her... A few were dumb enough to try to fight him, but most just seemed to calm down. He wasn't exactly sure what. What did he feel like to them? "Shelter.... I typically do not mind ze rain, but ve can go to my place I suppose... It vill be dry zere."

He wasn't sure if that offer would be good for her. It wasn't as if he didn't have safe houses across the country. He had a dangerous job and needed small outhouses to keep him safe or a place to rest between his tasks. It was almost a requirement really. He wasn't sure how she'd feel camping out with him until it passed though. Then again she had called them strange creatures? Is that what he was? He stared at her with a small bit of confusion in his eyes as this thought puzzled him.

The man waved her in the direction of one of his safe houses and turned to walk in that direction. It was slightly a few degrees to the east. It was in the same forest she was head, but a if they kept going in this direction they'd miss it entirely. A few degrees seemed small, but in the long run, they made a large difference. "As for making profit... I'd suggest selling some of zose pelts to some dvarves as well... I vould tink zat tey might buy a fev from you. Tey could alvays vork tem into zeir armor for varmth in ze cold tunnels. It vould also allov you to not have to sell to ze humans all ze time."

It was just a thought but he figured he'd try to help her. He didn't want someone to die because of ignorance on the part of some mortals that were just a blink in the eyes of time. He found them somewhat repulsive and unlike what the girl had said, they didn't give him much trouble. They were too fearful of his size. They always gave him weird looks and hoped he'd leave soon. Once they tried to come at him, but those had been drunk on spirit at the festival they threw that one year.

He rolled his shoulders as he walked. "I could help you find a buyer if you vished... But I need to do a fev small chores first."
07-08-2017, 01:38 PM

Brianna came to the conclusion that this man was strange. Definitely strange.

Whether or not that was a bad thing, she had yet to determine.

He seemed to think she was stupid--something that the feline definitely resented. She didn't survive a dragon attack just to die at the hands of some stupid humans. The thought sat in her gut like a hot stone. It was a mistake to think of it. Stupid stupid stupid, she thought.

As she watched him head towards his house, Brianna rested both hands on her hips and meowed, "Before I go anywhere with you, let's get one thing straight, okay?" she began, staring coldly at his back. "I'm not an idiot, okay? I sell to all races, Estosa just happened to be the closest city." Having said that, she trotted after him, falling into step at his side--though one of his steps was two of her own.

It was as if a switch had flipped in her. Now all smiles and gentle warmth, Brianna looked up at him with a wry smile. "Don't get me wrong," she said with a wink, "I appreciate the concern, but I can be my own prince charming. Though a girl could get used to someone like you looking out for her." She gave a bright laugh, like the chime of a bell. "I appreciate the offer of shelter, too. I don't mind the rain, personally, but my hair--" She paused to gesture to the wild locks of honey blonde hair escaping from within the confines of her jaguar-skin cloak. "--takes forever to dry, you see. And it's already unmanageable as-is. Trust me, it's a nightmare."

This casual conversation...it was nice. Brianna found herself smiling out at the horizon even as the scent of wet earth and rain drew ever closer. How long had she been alone? Time had funny ways of passing by her, it seemed. Slipping through her fingers no matter how hard she wanted to keep moments like this close. Peaceful moments where she could just breathe.

The grass tickled her bare feet as she walked in step with the stranger who'd offered her shelter. The feline had come to the conclusion that he wasn't a bad person. He was just a little awkward around others, like herself. He'd even offered to help her find a buyer, a kind enough gesture on its own. Tail swishing idly, brushing against the tips of the grass, Brianna glanced up at the stranger and said, "I think I'll take you up on that offer of yours about the buyer. I might not have any pelts left now, but I'll go hunting soon enough."

She smiled again, radiant as the summer sun, and introduced herself, "I'm Brianna--Bri, to you, stranger. It's nice to meet you."

07-11-2017, 08:36 PM
"I never said you vere an idiot," he told her looking at her calmly. He never raised his voice at her or changed tones. He was simply just stating facts to her for the most part. "I vas just saying perhaps humans are not ze best to sell to. Zey are very closed minded and lost to ze vorld for tis reason. Zey vill alvays be behind for zat reason. Close minded and short lived are zey." The man didn't seem very interested in humans as a whole and in fact he wasn't. He was only concerned with one thing right now. It was like an urge. He couldn't explain it. It was something deep inside of him driving him forward. The closer the got, the more the urge seemed to burn within him. He would have to take care of those chores soon enough.

Her speaking about her hair dragged him from his thoughts... From his instants. He blinked as he came back into his senses and focused on her. He didn't really understand her issue. He kept his hair short. It made things easier for what he did. No one could grab it, and it was easy to manage. He wasn't a girl nor did he care that much about his hair. He'd style it at times, but for the most part he let it do it's own thing. He nodded though pretending to understand. "I am sure your hair vill be fine once ve get to my place," he told her. He was interested in this girl. It was so strange to just talk to a normal person. Someone who was free and allowed to do as they wished all the time without their mother interfering.

"So since you told me your name... I vill tell you mine. It's only fair. My name people most knov me by is Zaeren. Some call me Zae, but zose are few and far betveen," he told her. His bright blue eyes looked at her shook his head a bit. She was right. Her hair would be hard to manage. It was so long and full. He never thought of hair that way typically. But she had a lot and he was sure it'd be horrible if wet. "As for my offer, I vill make sure all sell vitin an hour. My vord is good. I assure you."

He didn't say how he'd make such a feat happen, but he would. He'd make sure all her pelts sold for good coin. He wanted to make sure she could get money that she seemed so interested in. He had money, but he didn't need pelts himself. He was so use to his lifestyle that really had hadn't needed anything in a while now. That came with age though. "Vas tere anyting you needed? Besides shelter?"
07-11-2017, 09:29 PM

"Zaeren, huh?" Brianna said with a deep throaty purr. "Sounds so official, like there's a title in front of it." She held her arms out and in her most grandiose voice, as though she were proclaiming to arrival of a noble, proclaimed "Lord Zaeren, master of pelt sales and and hero to the poor--that's me," she added with a twinkling wink, "has once again graced our fair town with his presence!" Laughing, she continued on, "I jest, of course. Title or not, it's a fine name. Can I be counted among one of the few to call you Zae?" She glanced up at him, eyebrows raised in question.

Of course, Brianna wasn't about to wait for an answer when there was so much more to be done.

Falling into stride ahead of Zaeren and turning to walk backwards so she could face him, the feline clasped her hands behind her back and danced thoughtfully over the grasslands, somehow avoiding tripping over her own feet. Zaeren seemed distracted, though by what she didn't know. Maybe it was that mysterious aura about him? There was just something off about him. No, not off. Odd. It piqued her curiosity, to say the least. She studied his face and the way his eyes seemed to focus elsewhere as he kept his gaze straight ahead. She glanced back to see where they were going, and saw nothing of particular interest, with the exception of a rock that looked particularly warm and inviting to bask on. What does he see, she wondered. What's it like to be so tall you can see forever?

How could someone with such distant eyes be so kind as to worry after a complete stranger? Though Brianna supposed it made sense for him to worry, since he had seen her getting tossed out of a human city. Ugh, embarrassing...

"I'm afraid I don't need for much, really," she admitted with a shrug. "I fend for myself mostly, living off the land and the likes. I'm a pretty good shot," Brianna paused and tapped her bow gently with a forefinger. It was carved of dark wood, inlaid with gold filigree that spiraled over the wood in intricate, complex patterns. Though well used, the weapon was kept in good care, no doubt a sign of its master's tender care. "There's not a creature alive I can;t take on, and if it's too strong for me--something like a helvati or what-have-you--I know how to keep myself from being found." Her chest rose as she swelled with pride. "I really only need coin to buy more materials. Salt is expensive, you know! And so's the magic crystals I have to grind into it. How else do you think I got my pelt to resist water and dirt?" She tipped the head of the jaguar pelt in a nod, grinning brightly at her handiwork.

"Plus I need to buy glass eyes and beads for more complex processes, like my cloak here. I consider myself pretty good at this sort of thing, maybe even the--"

"The man doesn't want to be bored by a silly little thing like you," came a harsh feminine voice.

The exuberance left Brianna's face as her shoulders fell and she withdrew into herself at the voice's chiding. "Ah, you're right, Danae," she said, grinning sheepishly. "I got a bit carried away." Her chest tightened as she turned away to fall back next to Zaeren's side. Holding up an obsidian dagger in her left hand, the handle wrapped in red silk, Brianna said, "Zae, this is Danae. She's, ah...it's a bit hard to explain, really? She's like my soul, but in weapon form. Her other half is asleep right now." Brianna patted her right hip with a slender hand before continuing, "It's her fault we got kicked out of Estosa in the first place."

07-14-2017, 11:00 PM
Her comment on his name had amused him. Yes there was a title in front of it, but she didn't need that nor she did she need any of his titles or last names. To her, he was just Zaeren or Zae as she seemed to be one of those that called him that. And upon her inquiry he nodded to show consent. He was a bit more interested in her tale though. It was interesting. His eyes flicked down to her dagger. It was a curious thing. He could sense magic from it. It wasn't normal by any means, but he could hear it... Why couldn't the humans? Magic was something he could sense with his ability to negate or alter it, but yet... actually hearing the voice that was speaking to the girl was strange even for him. His eyes flickered down the length of the blade taking in every inch.

She had said it's other half was asleep. So she had two like that. At least it explained why the humans had turned on her so suddenly. They were a strange bunch. They'd tolerate anyone, but the second the stranger showed signs of magic then they would be cast out. It was almost like a law passed down. Humans were so judgemental it was terrifying for a race that claimed they were the victims.

"Zat isn't true. I don't mind hearing her story or vat she needs," he said looking back at Bri. He figured the dagger was just in a sour mood or was trying to look after the girl. He was torn between motherly dagger and very annoyed dagger. "If you need help, zen you need help. I don't mind helping, but I must varn you zat te idea of money is beyond me. I have never really had a need for it, so I don't tend to knov prices very vell."

He looked back at Danae. His blue eyes piercing. "And as for you being so talkative, it'd kind of rude to get your master kicked from a city," he told the weapon. "Perhaps you should be mindful of your surroundings. You could've put her in danger... Remember zat next time. Humans are weak alone, but in numbers zey are dangerous. Zey can also be crafty... but not always clever. Zey use cheap tricks like poison to kill tose zey do not like." He seemed slightly annoyed with the dagger. That was mostly due to how Bri reacted to it though. She seemed to almost become unresponsive as her light that was her spark dimmed. The dagger seemed to cause her a bit of sadness. That bothered him.
07-14-2017, 11:34 PM

The dagger quivered in Brianna's hand as she laughed mockingly. "Oh! He worries after you! How lucky for us," she said with a sneer. Had the dagger a face, it would have been a snarl. "Oh, dear Brianna, how do you find these people?" Danae ignored Brianna's flushed cheeks and continued on pointedly. "Zaeren, dear, Brianna is quite capable of caring for herself. As much as I'm loathe to admit, I could never allow harm to come to her because I need her as much as she needs me."  

Quick to jump to Danae's defense, Brianna added, "She was just having a bit of fun, really. They can decide who they talk to. Sometimes only me, sometimes to others. It's...all up to them, and Danae is the more temperamental of the two. Kazae is more mild mannered. I like him more."

"Of course you do. He's too soft on you!" Danae snapped. "Put me back. This conversations bores me. You bore me."

"As you wish," Brianna said, sheathing the dagger at her left hip with a sigh. "They're not bad, honestly. We're still getting to know each other? It's weird. This whole situation is weird and new to me, so it's just...yeah." She ran a hand over the crystal at her throat, grasping it for comfort.

The air hung heavy as she held her tongue in silence. Zae seemed annoyed, though he was a bit hard for her to read. The man wasn't like her, who wore her emotions at the surface. He was more closed and guarded. A man with a lot of secrets. Brianna hoped she could chip away at his shield and get to know him a little better, at the very least. He was kind enough to take an interest in her well-being, so how bad could he be?

Breaking the silence, Brianna piqued, "Just worry about getting me buyers and leave the pricing to me!" The spark in her was back, her eyes and smile bright. The first few drops of rain began to fall, gently kissing her exposed skin until there was a steady sprinkle raining down upon them. The feline gave a quiet groan as she pulled her cloak tighter around herself. The cloak she wore repelled the water that hit it spectacularly, beading up and rolling off with ease. It was apparent great care had been taken in crafting it.

Antsy and bouncing towards the trees, Brianna glanced at Zaeren curiously. "How have you never had to use money before, though? Don't you need to buy food or clothes or weapons?"

07-17-2017, 09:05 PM
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"I get all the clotes I need from my clan and my people," he said looking at her confused. "Ve're like you... Ve hunt and all for tings ve need. Ve don't typically need ze help of strangers or have ze need for coinage" He thought it was obvious to most people. His style wasn't something in a traditional shop. It was meant more for assassin or thieves, never something most wore for fun or sport or even the gods forbid, style. Food though...that way funny. Most people ate yes, but he had money.. Just didn't get it like most people did. His was were darker and frowned upon by many. He figured it'd be best not to tell her that just yet. He didn't want to scare her. 

Sighing he nodded after a moment. "I have used money before tough. It's just rare. Not very often at best. And I never do my ovn pricing vhen I do go out vit coinage. I typically buy, not sell. Zere is a big difference betveen ze tvo. I have plenty of money, but I have noting to spend it all on. So it kind of just builds up over time and I get more ten I need," he reluctantly said. It was all true. He had more money then he could think of what to do with. He made sure his clan had money for food, but after that it was kinda anyone's game. They often got money as thank yous from kingdoms for putting them back in order or for helping with an imbalance. Often they were deemed as heroes, sometimes...as villains, but he didn't care what they saw him as. He just care that the world was at peace. 

He could see the house in the distance they were getting close at least. He looked at her hoping she didn't mind the long walk. "And ze dagger you keep for company is rude. You should make it mind better," he told her. "It's a veapon... vit a personality, but a veapon nevertheless. Try to get it to be friendlier to you and you vill find your life much easier ten it speaking out so much."

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