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Haliea: 25th day

The Honor of Thieves
open to all!
08-29-2018, 02:34 PM
Thread Status:(open/closed)Players involved: Sphinx + ???
Characters involved: Imran + ???
Setting: Center of the Cutpurse Plains
Time: Current, Noon
Weather: Clear, sunny, and warm

Imran winged his way towards Seliel, admiring the open grassland and cloudless sky. Cutpurse Plains was one of the Ruhk’s favorite locations, despite its usual reputation amongst merchants. He only had to worry about bandits if they were airborne, and besides, the place had a lovely view. The gentle swaying of grasses and wildflowers looked like the waves of a strange ocean, from above.

Besides, Imran wasn’t afraid of a little thievery. He liked to make use of his trips between Seliel and Malseka by doing a little thievery himself. After all, who better to steal from than a thief? They piled up all the valuable things into one place like a dragon with its hoard. It was terribly convenient.

This high up, Imran could see many potential targets. The Ruhk’s eyes, as sharp as those of the eagle he took after, homed in on one suspicious looking group. He clapped his way to the air above them and circled like a vulture who’d spotted a carcass. In the next moment, Imran swooped down and up once more, snatching a pack straight from the back of one of the members. He really hoped these were thieves. He was pretty sure these were thieves. He clutched his spoils and angled his wings for another dive.
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