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Haliea: 25th day

When Two Worlds Collide
Koko / Hera
07-21-2018, 08:03 PM
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Thread Status: closed

Players involved: Koko, Hera

Characters involved: Wrath & Celestine

Setting:  Linosea Forest near the Siriene Mountains; midday

Time: Haliea: 10th Day


Oh how annoying this all was.

Day in and day out, always traveling around with little to no real aim in life. Well sure, there was a purpose but those days were few and far between. Right now, it was calm and that was what made this immortal life ever so annoying.

The wind blew through the treetops, rustling the leaves to create a small chatter as they rubbed against one another. The breeze was nice, if you weren't in a forest. Below the canopy, little wind could be felt with only the sound of the chatter above as the only reference for what the weather was like. Sunlight peaked through the cover, lighting up small patches on the forest floor. Even without the rays, it was clear that the sun was high in the sky. It was the only way you could see in a place like this.

A large figure relaxed as his demon-like eyes watched the ground below. Peace and quiet. It was what the tarsian loved most in the world even if everyday was nothing but the same. Interaction with other species was meaningless. Each one of them were a pest in his eyes but only a few mattered in some capacity to him. Then there were the ones of his own species. A quick tsk slipped through his teeth at the mere thought of his own kind. If there was anything he hated more in this world, it was probably them. Maybe not his own clan, but the rest of them... Well they could have all died for all he cared. Their existence was meaningless to him. Besides, it wasn't like the clans all got along like one big happy family. Just like any of the other species, they had their flaws and fights amongst them. More of it was rooted in territory, but this particular tarsian hated them for other reasons.

There was a reason he was called Wrath after all.
07-24-2018, 10:14 PM
Midday wasn't all the awful, then again, it was summer after-all; the warm heat in the air was always annoying, what little she could feel honestly. At least there was the shade of the trees to provide some sort of cooling factor to all of it. Even the breeze seemed to prove a bit warm as well. This only made her wonder why she was even wearing as much as she was? Ugh, so annoying, but what else was a woman to even do in the first place? She was in the forest though, and it did not seem to be many people around; or any at all if she had to be honest with herself. What sort of person would she be to just... undress here though? So many decisions swirled around in her young mind. If she knew of any rivers near by she'd go ahead and go there; probably enjoy herself a quick dip and washing in it as well.

Ah fuck this was more annoying than anything, at least she was here alone; or so she could very well assume that is. Celestine let out a heavy sigh, she could at least taking SOMETHING off; starting with the hooded coat she wore upon her body. With a nimble fingers she unclasped where it was to her corset like outfit, allowing it to fall to the ground with a ruffled thud against the ground. "Oh fuck that's so much better~" she cooed gently to herself, finding herself sitting against a tree right next to her.
08-04-2018, 05:03 PM
And just like that, his silence was broken.

No more rustling of leaves, the chirps of birds, or even the light flutter of insects buzzing around. No, there was something much larger than the average woodland creature. Small twigs could be heard snapping as a newcomer came into range. Black voids with small slits of red followed the newcomer as they moved around. HIs eyes scanned the creature's body, almost perplexed in their choice of attire. Why would they choose to wear such thick clothing in a place where it was hot? In the summer months of all times. True, his own attire wasn't too much better but at least his chest was exposed and his pants were rather billowy. It allowed for movement and he wasn't constricted; the wind could still blow through.

The tarsian watched with curiosity as the hooded garment fell to the ground. Ahh, so she hasn't noticed me yet. No woman would strip in front of a male if they knew of his presence. He still had the element of surprise, which was more than enough to amuse the normally bruting male. But before he knew it, the wind brought up a scent he knew all too well. Tarsian. A small curl up his lip exposed a few teeth at the very thought of another of his kind appearing. To make matters worse, it wasn't the same clan as him. So what was a lyarai doing around here? Wrath watched as she moved once more, this time to lay against the tree he happened to be perched up in. Oh how much fun he was going to have with this one.

"What are you doing here?" His voice was low, almost cold as a small growl emerged between words. The tarsian shifted in his place so he could look down to the fellow tarsian below. He wouldn't go down there yet, not until he knew is she was as aggressive as he was first.
08-21-2018, 06:13 PM

Of course there was no way she was going to know if someone else was in there forest as well, let alone in the tree just above her either; he gave no signs of life or even spoke either. Well, at least not for the first few minutes that is. A deep, cold voice could be heard from above her, making her sigh to herself. Great, not only was someone there, but they sounded like quite the lovely individual at that; yeah right. Sounded more like an asshole if you had to ask her. Just the thought of it spread a frown upon her delicate features. "What's it to you?" he growled in return, not even caring to look up to the man who spoke to her.

"I am pretty sure you don't own this forest, do you?" she scoffed lightly, "so I've NO reason to tell YOU why I'm here. In fact, you can certainly go fuck yourself~" With that said, she raised her hand above her head, in the direction she assume he'd be; and flipped the dumb bastard off. Last thing she was going to do today was answer to someone she couldn't even see, let alone who sounded like nothing more than an asshole; though.. she could be one herself, but that was an entirely different thing in it's own. It only meant she could easily take whatever he wished to dish out to her. Yet, hopefully she was more in-tune with combat than he was, with his aggression and her own there was no doubt a fight might ensue between the two of them.

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