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Haliea: 25th day

Signs and Portents
Eclipse the Light, Part 1
05-27-2018, 03:09 AM

Thread Status: Open (ask before joining)
Players/Characters involved: Captain Jordan (Khalid), Bounce (Troian)
Setting: City of Eden | Time: Dusk | Weather: Clear
Theme: The Lost City of Tol'vir

Water sloshed up against the sides of the wooden basin.

Swirls of sand and grime formed cloudy currents that moved in ebbs and flows, tidal surges brought forth by the motion of the child in the rustic tub. They had been a week on the road, assuming such a thing even existed. The winds re-shaped the dunes of the Nkazon Desert, sometimes before their very eyes -- such as when they'd been caught in the sand storm on their journey here. The shifting nature of sand seemed to make this part of Sleibte a much more mutable landscape than his native Katakarthia.

To be quite honest, it was rather astonishing how the Sol'tera managed to maintain his bearings and navigate across the desert.

The child tucked into a fetal ball and rolled onto his back, legs extended up from the water as his head went under. There was a splash as he rocked forward, the water swirling around his body as his head broke the surface. Water ran down from the tawny hair, thin rivets traversing the sides of his round, youthful face. Raising his torso out of the water, the youth placed his arms across the edge of the wooden basin, hanging on the edge of tub as he gazed out the nearby window.

They had arrived at Eden in the noon light. Their entry into the city interrupted by the presence of a most curious mage, but one whose words had offered information that was both enlightening and frightening at the same time.

Things in Sleibte were worse than he had thought. Certainly worse than he had been led to believe when the Death Demons had dispatched him out here to investigate the circumstances of the Oracle of Jackroth's demise. People were apt to lose their minds to panic and discord with merely one Oracle dying. Three close in time was a disaster.

And what that fear might promote was likely to be the worst in mankind.

A shiver ran through his body, traveling up his spine and along his arms as the hair stood up on the nape of his neck. It wasn't a chill that affected him, but rather a sensation of something awakening.

The sun had set. The sky beyond the window cast in shades of red that were deepening now as the light of day faded further to dusk. The Reaper's powers were unchained now, the promise of nightfall liberating him from the withering gaze of the light. The child's eyes seemed to glow a haunting shade of red for a moment, before the illusion of humanity reasserted itself and the emerald gaze once more returned.

Pressing down against the edge of the basin, the child lifted his body up over the edge of the bath. Throwing one leg over the side, he awkwardly fumbled a moment to find a foothold in the step stool that he'd used to climb into the bath. Finally finding his footing, the youth stepped out of the basin and found a towel with which to begin drying himself.

They had found an inn in which to stay in Eden, the Reaper and the Sol'tera he traveled with. While the Sol'tera had gone to fill his belly with food and drink, the Reaper had elected to wash the dirt of the road from this human body. 

There were few luxuries of life afforded a creature such as a Reaper. He had need for neither food nor drink. But a bath was a welcome respite to the physical form.

They said that cleanliness was next to godliness.

...well, demons were related to angels, after all.
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