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Haliea: 25th day

Dust and Sand [Open]
05-15-2018, 07:17 PM
Thread Status: Open (ask before joining)
Players/Characters involved: Captain Jordan (Khalid), Bounce (Troian), Zaz (Beriadan)
Setting: Trade District, City of Eden
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Sunny

Stone walls rose to towering heights above his head, bleached white by the blazing sun of the surrounding Nkazon Desert. The green lands of the Mbizi Eshe surrounded the city, the full expanse of the oasis' soul laid bare before its city protector. This wellspring of life and beauty within the sandy wastelands of the Nkazon had always amazed the Sol'teran youth, ever since he was a small boy. It was hard now not to look upon it with that same sense of wonder again. Now he felt a sense of dread as he gazed upon the city's white walls.

Yet Khalid felt a sense of dread everywhere now. It followed him, its physical form small and innocent in looks, but the depths of blackness it carved out within him would swallow the city whole. The youth ignored the temptation to look at it, he could feel its eyes boring holes in his back, and a bead of sweat ran down his face. The dark thing was his charge now, according to the wisdom of his tribe, in violation of all he had been brought up to believe. What he wouldn't give now to call forth a ball of flames to wipe that blight off the face of the world.

Yet to do so would dishonor his family, and disobey the al-Bousaid. And he was nothing if not a dutiful son of the al-Bousaid.

The high gates of Eden drew near, and the queue for entrance was long. Not all would be allowed in, and those who were turned away passed them with eyes drawn of sorrow, their heads hanging in shame. Many thought they could barter or bribe their way into the city of the sphinxes, and many learned otherwise. The token of their favor was the only true way to enter the city, a token that Khalid had gained from his tribe upon setting forth. The gold cuff felt warm against his wrist, the metal happy to share the heat it drew from the sun with him, and the youth fingered it uncomfortably as he awaited his turn.

It was an hour past midday when the pair finally were permitted beyond the stony walls and into the city beyond. Even having visited this city many times before with his parents and tribemates, Khalid felt a sense of excitement at the streets and buildings laid out before him. It felt like a new beginning, a break with the past, a fulfillment of a longtime dream of his. Despite the circumstances, the desert youth reveled in it, letting it wash away his sense of dread and anger at his predicament for a moment.

Setting his sights upon the trade district ahead, and ensuring that his shadow was still following, Khalid ventured forth into the city of Eden.
05-16-2018, 08:37 AM
The rumors of strange events surrounding the Shrine of Jackroth had taken the soul hunter down a rabbit hole.

As far as he had been able to piece together thus far, it had been some time since he had passed into the eastern reaches of Sleibte through neighboring Xira. Originally, word of strange events had caused the Reaper to be dispatched on a fact-finding mission to determine whether the rumors held any truth to them. And, if they did, whether those truths tended to implicate mortal or immortal influences.

It was one thing if the strange reports from Sleibte turned out to be some fanatical nut-job with a god-complex and delusions of being some self-professed oracle. It was another thing entirely if it turned out to be an actual oracle stirring up trouble.

Instead of uncovering any useful bits of information for this assignment, the child-like Reaper had, instead, encountered a series of unfortunate events since his arrival from Katakarthia. First at Seliel City and then trouble in the Nkazon Desert.

Perhaps not entirely unfortunate. He had happened into the company of a Sol'tera, who seemed a decently capable fellow. He knew the ins and outs of the local tribes. He understood the local customs and currencies.

And he seemed to be pursuing a rather similar line of inquiry as that of the Reaper.

So they arrived at Eden. A hub of trade that could supply them with more recent information or insight on current events, as well as provide sustenance for the Sol'tera.

The polished stone pendant around the youth's neck seemed to gleam with an otherworldly light. The obsidian was carved into an icon of the death god. He had traded his usual Katakarthian tunic for the lighter, linen materials of the nomadic Sol'tera. An angelic sword was slung over one shoulder, as the tow-headed youth traveled in the shadow of the taller Sol'tera.

Green eyes swept up and down the city streets as the pair made their way through the city of Eden. In addition to the bustling traffic of the living, the Reaper could perceive the coming and going of the spirits of the departed that still lingered along these streets. With a sizeable population, the presence of the dead was to be expected.

It was an interesting experience. The sight of the sphinx and various other races mingling for trade and other commerce, in an oasis set in the center of a vast desert.

The description of this trip would made an interesting annotation for his final report to the Death Lord when he returned to Katakarthia.

Pausing a moment, working to recall the proper syntax and vocabulary of the trade language, the child switched from his native demonic tongue to pose a conversational question to the Sol'tera. "Have you come here often?"
05-16-2018, 10:09 PM
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"Do you come here often?"

The question would come out of nowhere, originating from an elven man whose face may be just a bit too close for some people's comfort. After getting a good look at the little Reaper's face, Beriadan would stand up straight and cross his arms, still eyeing him up and down. It wasn't often that he got to see a Reaper, after all. They were magical beings, and such things often drew his interest, especially when they were this rare. Especially in a sunlit desert city like Eden. He had arrived in Eden early that morning, wishing to search through the trade city's Grand Library, having not had much luck searching in Seliel. And who were the city guards to refuse a, at least somewhat, well-known mage hoping to research the recent Oracle crises?

And so he had spent some hours at the Grand Library, and he planned to spend some more, but everyone needed a break every now and again. He had gone out to walk around the city, perhaps admire the views a bit as it was quite an exciting city. He did enjoy the riddles that the Sphinxes liked oh so much to tell. But what he liked more still was the quite unusual site of a Reaper of all things, in a sunny, often crowded city such as this. One may think, upon hearing Reaper, that they'd be there to guide the dead, and figure that perfectly normal as there were sure to be plenty of dead in a large city such as this. But Beriadan knew better. Sphinxes didn't die that often, and Reapers were little more than the God Of Death's lapdogs. What did his god want here?

Perhaps the gods were finally concerned about their Oracles dropping like flies? Maybe that meant that the gods themselves weren't responsible for such atrocities. Whether or not such was true, the Reaper being here proved that the God of Death wanted something. Beriadan couldn't think of many things a deity could gain from this place but knowledge, and the first knowledge that a god would find interesting that he could think of was the current Oracle situation. Still, he couldn't know for sure. He supposed asking outright could be somewhat rude, but he didn't care, so he did anyway.

"What does the God of Death want in Eden? Finally trying to help us mere mortals with the Oracle situation?"

One may wonder how Beriadan was so sure that this apparent child, or at least an adolescent, was, in fact, a Reaper. The answer was rather simple: they felt like one. After so many years of studying Vikta, Beriadan could instantly tell when a magical being was in the area. Especially something like a Reaper, as they felt... spooky he supposed would describe it. It was as if there was a splotch of darkness lurking in the area. Beriadan knew better than to assume the Reaper was as young as he looked. He couldn't tell quite how old he was, but he may very well be older than himself.
05-17-2018, 09:25 AM
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Even among the clamor of the upper residential district, the Sol'tera youth could make out the dark thing's words. They prickled the hairs on the back of his neck, churning his stomach in rhythm with their cadence. He had hoped to make the trip in silence, to better reflect on his purpose here now. Or, at least, to avoid any more interaction with the darkling than necessary. He may have to abide its presence, but the teen did not have to become friends with it.

The truth was, Khalid was a frequent visitor to this city. Though the travels of his tribe took them to the reaches of the Nkazon, Eden's central location made it a stop for the al-Bousaid at least twice a season. Most of the time, they would camp beyond the city walls, and venture in when needed. Sometimes, a hospitable merchant doing business with them would invite the tribe to his home. Those were some of Khalid's favorite memories of Eden, when he could roam the streets freely as a temporary resident, and seek out the hidden corners or dusty alleys of the city's vast districts.

Doing so, Khalid had learned a lot about the city. For the most part, sphinxes were an honorable race, and Eden was a relatively safe place, but still it had its seedier areas. Dark alleys where someone waited to mug or abduct a passing child, smokey backrooms where patrons gambled or paid homage to a crime lord, street urchins who might pickpocket you one day and help you find your purse on the next. Those were easy to miss in a city known for its virtuous peoples, where traders tended to give the benefit of the doubt and peace officers would press a secret candy in your hand after answering a friendly riddle. Though Khalid had not sought them out in his time visiting Eden, he had found them nonetheless.

Just as he had found the secret wonders of the city, too. That underneath the northwest bridge connecting the trade and business districts, behind one of the city's manufactured waterfalls, there lay a cavern with a crystal ceiling where strange flowers grew by the muted light from above. That some of the best riddlers in the city sat under the awnings outside of taverns, wiling the day away with a glass of something fermented. That the librarians would always let a child borrow one book from the library every day, even if they lacked the gold to open a lending account. That one particular vendor on a less-trodden street in the trading district would let you try a bowl of his world famous soup if you complimented his cabbages that day.

The truth was, Khalid had come to Eden quite often. But as he opened his mouth to say something noncommittal, unwilling to even let the dark thing have that much from him, the youth was interrupted by the sound of another putting in on their conversation.

Startled by the voice, Khalid stopped in his tracks. Turning his head toward the owner of the sound, a brown-clad elven figure who had piped up as the pair was passing him by, the youth peered at him curiously. The elf loomed close in his vision, though only a slightly taller than he was, but the Sol'tera was unperturbed. Bare arms revealed the dark-haired elf's muscular biceps, and hinted that the rest of the newcomer's lightly clothed body was the same. The elf bore the look of a traveler, and Khalid wondered idly how the elf had made it through the desert with such inadequate attire.

The desert youth didn't have much time to ponder his line of thought, though, before the elf said something that made him take another look at the man.

"What does the God of Death want in Eden? Finally trying to help us mere mortals with the Oracle situation?"

At the mention of the dead oracle, Khalid started. If the news was being spoken of so brazenly here in Eden, the situation must have gotten worse. That was both good and bad for his endeavor, the scope of which might become more apparent if he spoke with this elf, following the man's gaze toward his companion behind him. Returning his attention once more, Khalid dipped his head and made the customary sign of greeting among the Sol'tera.

"I think the God of Peace is occupied elsewhere," the youth said, using Norak's other name to refer to the prayers that he intercede in the eternal fight between the angels and demons. Even a continent away, the war was a chilling thought to entertain. "But greetings to you. What do you know of the Oracle situation?"
05-18-2018, 06:25 AM
The presence that had joined them was intriguing for the attention directed toward a mere boy.

Children were often underestimated, if not ignored completely. It was very useful for when the child-like wraith passed through cities such as this. Traveling on the open roads, he attracted attention as a child alone in the wild was unusual. But here, he was just another street urchin in a walled city of street urchins. It allowed the Reaper to pass invisible even though he was in plain sight.

Which suggested that the man creeping upon the boy was perceptive. At least enough to know that all was not as it seemed.

Turning his head, emerald eyes casually stared back at the stranger. The predatory nature of his hawkish appearance hardly intimiadting to one who lived with demons and served predators that stalked this world and the next.

The Sol'tera interjected, speaking of Norak as though he knew anything of what he spoke. And how could he? One who walked in the light of the sun could never appreciate that which walked in eternal darkness.

What he asked next was a fair question, though. Had more happened with the oracles than he knew of? "Death is always closer than you think," the boy offered. An enigmatic, non-committal turn of phrase.

Though, if this traveler were perceptive enough to pierce the veil of the boy's human likeness, then perhaps he always was cognaizant of the death that walked among them. Only one step away, on the other side of the tenuous veil that divided life and death.
05-18-2018, 08:49 PM

Beriadan would look to his right, resting his gaze on the individual there. Honestly, he had just noticed him, and was that a Sol'teran greeting? He could probably pick out a Sol'teran from a crowd should he be looking for them, but they weren't... unusual enough for him to passively notice them. After eyeing the man for a moment or two, he confirmed it, identifying the energy flowing from the individual as that which belonged to a Sol'teran. Their presence made this situation even more interesting. A Reaper and a Sol'teran traveling together? They must be desperate, and he found it hard to imagine that the two could completely trust each other. Either had great strength over the other during their preferred time of day. However, the Reaper could be strong enough to quell the Sol'teran even during daylight, and the same could be said the other way around, though he thought that less likely.

"What do I know? Well, perhaps more than most..."

Beriadan eyed the Reaper some more, still suspicious of their presence. However, judging by their noncommital response, he probably wasn't going to get much information out of them unless they provided it willingly. He briefly scratched the right side of his head, appearing thoughtful for a few moments, before sighing. He supposed it wouldn't hurt to tell them what he knew. If the God of Death had anything to do with these recent Oracle killings, he wouldn't be telling the Reaper any information that his god didn't already know. That and the Reaper probably wouldn't be traveling with a Sol'teran unless he needed to, and there weren't any Oracles in the area, so he most likely wasn't tracking any down.

"Aside from the Oracle of Jackroth, which you must already know about, there have been two others killed. The Oracle of Feaya is dead. The poor wolf became a fountain... And the Oracle of Zarkos, the air was torn right from her body. Most may not know about the Oracle of Feaya, as the wolves don't often communicate with other races. But I get around, and I checked them out when I noticed some panic amongst them during my travels."

Beriadan would hang his head, his arms still crossed. His mood ruined, he was once more frustrated by his lack of answers as to why and how these deaths were happening. With an intense look of frustration written on his face, he would turn his head towards the Reaper, looking him dead in the eye. As his gaze bored into the Reaper, Beriadan would call forth his Draconic Presence, calling on his Personal Vikta to aid him. Each word he now spoke seemed to make the air around them vibrate, nearly causing his voice to echo. Anyone who had any ability to see another's Personal Vikta could surely see his plain as day, a Western Dragon standing tall behind him, leering down at the Reaper before him.

"Does your god know anything about these deaths? It is his realm, after all."

Beriadan held no animosity towards the Reaper. However, he really wanted to make sure the Reaper wouldn't lie, and perhaps they would think twice about doing so if they viewed him as their equal. Maybe the Reaper would even recognize him. They were a magical being, after all, and word of the Dragon Mage had been circulating through several circles of magic users for some time. He wondered if word of him had reached even the Demons by now, though he couldn't be sure. They didn't tend to care for much outside of their war, what with their love of slaughter and such.
05-22-2018, 08:26 PM
The news of further Oracle deaths came as a shock to the youth. No wonder the city felt more subdued than ever, Khalid's own consternation had made him inattentive to it, and now the effect became noticeable immediately. Pedestrians moseyed along quickly, and those who stopped as they were spoke less carefree, leaning in to whisper or curtly conducting their business only to carry on. For three Oracles to have displeased their god so fiercely, so close together, it was unthinkable. Unless there was more going on than what met the eye.

Still, the Sol'tera youth found himself making the sign against evil over his chest, silently praying not to incur any gods disfavor. If the Oracles could find themselves suffering wrath so suddenly, what chance did mere unchosen mortals such as himself have? Danger, an everpresent demon familiar to him by a life within and around the desert, felt close at hand now. Or perhaps that was just his mind playing tricks on him. Khalid couldn't shake the feeling regardless.

"Oracles are dying and you wish to know the minds of the gods, my friend?" Khalid asked, startled that the newcomer kept throwing questions at his dark companion, as if it knew anything. Surely the darkling was in as much ignorance as he was, it was not as if gods appeared to them with any more frequency than they did to beings of light. "Simply open your eyes and look. Not even an Oracle can know the god's mind, but surely they speak louder now in death than they did in life."
05-24-2018, 08:05 AM
The young Reaper merely gave a slight nod of his head.

He knew of the Oracle of Jackroth. That had been his purpose in coming to this part of the world, to divine some further information about the events taking place on Sleibte in case they should have some relevance for affairs on Katakarthia. Feaya and Zarkos though, that was information he did not have.

Information that he wasn't certain that Lord Razor was aware of.

He might have to file a report from the field, but that would wait until nightfall, when the small necromancer could summon a specter to the edge of the Veil and commit them to the task of delivering the report to Death Fortress.

The stranger inquired as to the Reaper's god, the boy bringing a subconscious hand to his chest, where the fingers rested lightly atop the runic depiction of Norak that hung around his neck. Before the youth could answer, however, the Sol'tera interjected with a response of his own.

Speak louder in death than in life. What an interesting perspective from someone with no idea what lay beyond the Veil.

"Perhaps it is as he says," the Reaper remarked simply, keeping his own mind to himself for the time being.

Taking his hand away from the stone around his neck, the boy-wraith turned the conversation back to this stranger who had come to them. "You have traveled with wolves," the youth remarked, impressed. "Life has taken you down interesting roads."
06-03-2018, 11:54 PM
Beriadan let out a long exasperated sigh. He would very slowly turn his head to the Sol'teran, giving him a blank look. He was going to say something but eventually decided against it, turning his head back to the Reaper. Some people just were not worth his time. He would narrow his eyes as the Reaper once more gave a cryptic answer. It seems that his first impression was right about them. He wasn't going to get any information out of them easily, and the Sol'teran was not helping.

Beriadan was wondering more and more about why the Sol'teran was even here, and why the Reaper was traveling with them. Even in personality, the two did not seem like they would fit together, and the Sol'teran could not be much help unless the Reaper just used them as a shield during the daytime. It appeared that the Sol'teran did not even notice his Draconic Presence, which spoke leagues for how aware they were. Beriadan could probably reach out and casually snap their neck, and the first they would know about it is in the afterlife. Deciding to dismiss them entirely, he once more spoke to the Reaper.

"Perhaps it has." Beriadan would almost mockingly say, copying the Reaper's lack of a real answer. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed other people beginning to turn and stare, some drawn to and others stunned by his Draconic Presence, but he cared about them just as much as he did the Sol'teran. Talking about the Sol'teran... "Does he even know?" Beriadan would give a quick tilt of his head towards the Sol'teran while eyeing the Reaper up and down, gesturing towards their body. He would not put it past them if they did not even know they were traveling with a Reaper.
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