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Haliea: 25th day

Looking for Answers
Beriadan, Aziza, Karyso
05-12-2018, 09:50 PM
Thread Status: Closed
Players involved: Zaz, KokoPuffs, Andromeda
Characters involved: Beriadan, Aziza, Karyso Snowfire
Setting: Seliel, Some Random Magic Library
Time: Current, Early Evening
Weather: Clear, Somewhat Warm

Beriadan sighed as he put another book back on the shelf. No luck. How long had he been here? About eight hours? His face was solemn as he rested his back on the bookcase. He would look down at his crossed arms, deep in thought. What in the hell was happening? Oracles were dropping left and right, seemingly slaughtered by the very gods they represented and served. And if the gods didn't do it, he would find who did. He would make them pay dearly for such atrocities. If the gods did do it, he'd no later punish them just the same, if he was able. And people coming back to life? Were these two events connected somehow? Perhaps the oracles were a sacrifice of sorts, but if so, it couldn't be to resurrect the dead randomly. Well, that could be the case if they were trying to spread chaos, but there are better ways of doing that, and they'd have to resurrect a lot of people even to begin to overwhelm the world. Damn, he didn't have enough information to conclude anything, and it frustrated him.

A small thump could be heard as Beriadan threw his head back, lightly tapping the bookcase behind him. He'd been from library to library in this city and still couldn't find anything relating to the current situation. He felt so damn useless. Turning around once more, he began to look through the plethora of books before him. There were two types of books he was currently looking for: those about oracles, and those about Necromancy. These two events happened too close together to not be related in some way, and he just had to figure out how. The latter subject was harder to find, what with the taboos and all. He did have a small collection of his own, given how rare they were to come across, but reading them had given him no clues. Reading books about oracles hadn't gotten him any closer to the truth either. There were accounts of previous oracles dying by their gods, but nothing except the fact that they had was recorded. Just why were people so accepting of such madness was beyond him, and he just kept looking.
05-15-2018, 08:26 PM
The library was the one place Aziza always found herself at peace, a quiet place to worry less about socializing with people; and one not many seemed to visit very often anyway. Though, she was a book worm as people would say, always enjoying learning new things about.. just about anything really!  If was something she knew nothing about, she would always try to educate herself on the subject. Knowledge was better to have than just brawn, and yet, Aziza wasn't all the strongest when it had came to fighting in the first place. Which is why, she more than likely sought after knowledge instead. Her kind were intelligent creatures, able to guard gates and large libraries from outsides; just by telling riddles. They were always so cleaver as well, hard to perceive the answer for even the smartest of mortals themselves.

Aziza sighed softly, eyes closing for a moment as she relaxed. She'd been at this library for most of the day already. Keeping to herself in her own little corner, away from anyone and everyone it seemed. Not many visited, except perhaps scholars and the like, but other than that it wasn't much traffic.

"Huh?" the woman sat up in her seat, hearing the thud of someone head tapping aginst a bookself. If she was curious enough, she might have gotten up to look; but that would have meant socializing with them. Perhaps even asking if they were alright after hitting their head, them answering, ugh.. she didn't have the courage for any of that. Yet, she did get up from her spot, shimmy herself over; then leaned around the corner to see a man, looking quite through with his time of searching here already. Heh, funny.
05-17-2018, 09:23 AM
This place was an escape for him. The library was a bit different then people would think. It wasn't because he hated life, but lately everyone was turning to him and a few select others on what was going on.  They expected him to have answers. But he didn't. Instead  the answers he came up with kind of scared him just a bit. He wanted it to everyone to be wrong. The gods could not be betraying the oracles.... cause that would mean he would die as well.

His heart skipped in fear, his eyes closed and he tried to breath deeply to calm himself. He heard a thump and it sounded like thunder. His whole body shivered, his eyes wide with panic. Karyso's only saving grace was that every Oracle that died had been a Pure God's... so far at least.

His hand pushed his hair back, shaking a little as he did so. The fear never quite gone. Just more hidden at times then others. This was his life... He had survived for so long. Was it all about to end?

He walked over to the librarian and asked to be pointed in the direction of literature on oracles. Once he had his answer he made his way over there. He needed an answer. There he found another already reading. He gave a small nod and grabbed a book titled 'Legacy of the Oracles' and sat down.
05-17-2018, 11:15 PM
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Oh, interesting, someone else seemed to be looking for the same thing as him. It was good to see someone else actually looking for answers instead of complaining that they weren't already found. However, just a few seconds after the individual had passed him, Beriadan felt something odd. He instantly recognized the familiar sensation of a magical being in his proximity. He stopped what he was doing, hand pausing mid-air, still firmly grasping a book that he had just taken off of its shelf. This man wasn't just a magical being, no, he was positively throbbing with energy. The only time he had ever felt this before... was with an Oracle. He didn't go out of his way to meet Oracles, but he had briefly crossed paths with one before, and the feeling of their Vikta was very distinct. This man was a very old Oracle too. Beriadan could feel that the well of energy that now sat before him was ancient indeed. No wonder such an individual was looking for the same answers he was, as, unlike Beriadan, his long life may finally be on the line.


Beriadan would slowly put the book in his hand back in its place on the shelf he took it from, then lowering his hand in the same slow manner, all the while his gaze bored into the Oracle. He would casually walk over to them, pulling out a chair and sitting down next to him, his gaze still locked on his form. Now, a man sitting down next to you without a book in the middle of a library with plenty of seats may seem a bit weird to some, and Beriadan didn't make it any better. Casually, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, he would intertwine his fingers together in a cluster, bringing his hands in front of his mouth in a thoughtful pose, still staring at the Oracle that now sat next to him. Then, suddenly, he spoke.

"My, you seem to be in quite the pickle. I assume by your somewhat panicked appearance that asking if you've found anything would be... ineffective. Still, I will say that I think the probability of outside interference is more likely, as I can't think of any reason for the gods to resurrect so many beings. The two events are too big not to be connected in some way. So... you probably won't be murdered, at least not by your god."
05-21-2018, 11:13 PM
Aziza had noticed the new face that had come into the library as well, eyes soon fixing on him but still gazing towards the other here and there. They both seemed to be picking out the same kind of information.. what was it the two were looking for? The new man had an interesting aura about him as well, but different than the others; a bit more powerful to her, at least it felt like it surely might have been. What on this planet could the two be so interested in reading, that even it seemed one man was sitting next to the other. Curse her curiosity! There was no way she was going to go right to them and ask, no way, instead she allowed herself to round the corner of the bookcase; hands and eyes just grazing over the books.

OH! They were all about oracles, had the death of those sparked curiosity in both men? Causing the two to search such similar information? Huh, maybe it really had some significance to look into as well; even if she was doing other things than reading about oracles. Slowly she reached a hand up and grabbed a book, but she didn't set anywhere near the men; nope, she opted to sit in a table that was at least in the same area. Making it far easier for her to both get up and read more of the books, and to kind of listen in on what the two would speak about.
05-25-2018, 11:15 PM
Karyso had felt him boring into him. It was hard not to feel someone was watching him. His very being seemed to be on edge and the feeling of eyes made his skin crawl. The hairs on the back of his neck rose as he tried to fight off the growing panic inside of him. "How can you be so sure? I can tell you've been in this building longer than me, but life is fleeting as they say."

He looked at him, taking him in. He was very intimating to some he supposed, but sadly at the moment his nerves were already shot. He had no idea if he would stop existing at any second. 

"Do you mind telling me what you have found so far in your research? At the moment I put nothing past the gods or their creations to be honest. In my experience, their creations can be justas wicked at them," he mumbled as he flipped through his book. 

Wait... what did he say?

It had taken a moment to set in. He had been more so focused on the thoughts on his lifeline that he didn't pay much attention before. "What do you mean people are coming back to life? Surely those are just rumors? The dead dont come back. Not without dark magic as far as I know. Are you sure they are not just risen?"

His eyes were sharper now. A bit more focused as he looked at the man beside him.

"Name is Karyso. And yours?
06-06-2018, 12:05 AM
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With a look of mild annoyance, one not directed at Karyso, Beriadan would raise his hands into the air, before bringing them back down to cross them in front of his chest as he leaned back in his seat.

"And I have found absolutely nothing. This situation is unprecedented. Sure, a god will kill its Oracle every now and again, but three back to back? We are in new territory, and nobody knows what to do about it. The only thing I have to go off of is my common sense. After all, can you think of a reason for the gods to resurrect so many people? And yes, resurrect. I have met and examined some of them myself. They hold no foreign energy about them. They are not being risen, but are once more... alive."

Turning his gaze back to Karyso, a smirk would spread across Beriadan's face. However, the smirk held no amusement, only wry sympathy. Beriadan did feel kind of sad for the Oracle. After all, it must not be fun being tied to something as insane as a god, prone to unprovoked acts of murder and malice. Must be hard, especially now that Oracles were dropping like flies. Still, Beriadan did not want to give the Oracle false hope, as he was not one to do such a meaningless thing.

"I am pretty sure that this current crisis, for once, is not the doing of the gods, at least not directly. Could still be entirely their fault, but such would probably be only because of their incompetence, not their intent. I would still watch your back though. If it is not the doing of the gods, then it is the doing of someone or something else, for these things do not merely happen. Who or what is causing it, however, is currently beyond my knowledge, and probably anyone else's."
06-19-2018, 04:02 AM
People coming back to life and Oracles dying of unknown causes? This world was really turning on it's head, as this was the first time she was hearing of any of this; hell, even the Demons were coming close to taking light territory for their own. Yet, that kind of thing was never a surprise to her at all, but they had never come this close to getting the upper hand... neither species had up until now. At least as far back as she could remember, nothing she'd read even hinted at that either. They were the same being at one point, strange how things turned them into two separate entities. She wanted to ask him about it, about what he'd heard around, but she couldn't help but to keep to herself and just... listen to them speak about it.

"Y... you shouldn't scare the man," she spoke softly behind the two of them, hand clasped gently around her book as she spoke, "I-it's not very n-nice to do, you know? Sure it might.. be true the situation but.. causing panic in anyone i-is the least anyone should be doing." Aziza's every never left the pages of the book, though she wasn't reading, more like a way to ground her shy mind as she tried speaking to the men behind her. Oh gods, she was feeling the anxiety rise in her chest now; she shouldn't have said a word to the two but kept her mouth shut. They weren't speaking to her, why should she have even felt the need to say a word to them? No, she shouldn't have, she really should have kept the words to herself.

"S... Sorry," she spoke nervously, "for-get I said anything..."
07-05-2018, 10:02 AM
"No, no you both are fine, and why don't you come join us. No need to be afraid. I won't hurt you and I'm sure my newly acquired friend could say they same. We're just here trying to find answers. Perhaps you would like to join us?" His silver eyes flickered to her noting how she held onto the books. The way her words stuttered as if unsure. Was she a shy one? It took all he had not to flirt. Old habits die hard, and he was a player at times. But he had to keep it together. It wasn't the time. He needed to be serious now. He might not have tomorrow. He looked back at his male counterpart and sighed.

The news of the dead rising was new to him. He had no idea. Since the second oracle's death he had been laying low for fear he was next. "Yes if it is the gods we have to question why they are doing this, if it's not them... Then what happens next? How will we or the gods move forward with those that act out in such a manner." He had never heard of this before. A group of people killing the Oracles? But to why? What did the gods think? Would they allow this to continue to no end? He had never known them to directly intervene but what if they needed to this time? He had a feeling this silence would be his answer. Even his patron was silent...

The silence was growing louder.

He gulped knowing that it wouldn't be broken by the god any time soon. "I would like to see these dead people for myself... Is there anyone you know of we could visit? If we follow this trail no matter how dark it is we may find answers."

A shadow of hope was in his eyes. Maybe it would lead them to the source. "And I do not doubt you my new friend... I just want to see what they may know or remember given.... how you say... encouragement." 

The kitsune was growing desperate. He wasn't above forcing answers.
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