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Haliea: 25th day

I Need A Drink
and make it a strong one
01-09-2018, 12:22 AM
Thread Status: Closed
Players involved: Kila, Sparx
Characters involved: Cyrus (Sparx), Kazu (Kila), Oliver (Sparx)
Setting: Eden
Time: Mid-morning, the 25th of Haliea
Weather: Sunny and clear, the day is starting to warm up, and there's a pleasant breeze

Kazu rushed through the halls of his manor, his pace never breaking into a jog. Commoners jogged, and he was not a commoner. He had thrown his study doors open, and a flurry of scrolls and books followed behind him, held aloft by the man's magic. Some fell to the floor with a clatter, but he gave them no thought; Cyrus would pick them up. He'd kept the man at his side since their meeting nearly six weeks ago. This was no time to think of his new, albeit rather unwilling, friend. He had been up since the crack of dawn, pouring over his notes, when the paper arrived.

And the news had him feeling sick.

Aerithe, Oracle of Zarkos, had died that morning in Prerio in front of an entire crowd of witnesses. It was believed she had suffocated, likely killed by her own god. It had only been three weeks since the wolf queen's death. Six since the human oracle's death. What did it all mean?

He had barely processed his decent down the stairs, and he was suddenly at the kitchen doors with barely enough time to throw them open with a wave of magic. Gods, he was tired.

"Oliver!" he said loudly--polite men didn't yell at their butlers, and Oliver could always hear Kazu throughout the house--as he made his way to the small table in the kitchen nook. There was no need for them to use the dining room; it was just the three of them, after all. "I need two cups of coffee, please, brewed strong, with cream and sugar. And a bottle of brandy, please," he paused and snapped his fingers, looking off into space as if he'd been struck by a grand idea, "Scratch that, make it a lot of coffee. I'll also need all the bacon and eggs we have. Oh, or brain food, perhaps? No. All the food. No, make what you think will be best." Kazu waffled between food options as he sat down, piling his scrolls and books on the table in front of him.

The bags under his eyes were dark against his fair skin. It was hardly a surprise; the man hadn't slept much in the past weeks, if at all, and the only decent sleep he seemed to get was when Oliver quite literally shooed him and Cyrus off to bed for a few hours. Kazu's study had begun to look like that of a madman's, with open books and scrolls marked with notes strung up on the walls, each one somehow connected to the oracle deaths. It was maddening. Absolutely maddening! And they kept dying!

They needed to stop! Dying!

And where the hell was Cyrus? What could be taking him so long!

"Cyrus, we have work to be doing! Another one died!"
01-09-2018, 12:32 PM
Cyrus was not above jogging. In fact, he often found that he needed to jog in order to keep up with his new, long-legged friend. The mage's life had felt something like a mix between a whirlwind and an avalanche, which was completely unusual for the man who had up til now made his living enchanting objects and selling simple scrolls. He wasn't quite sure how he had ended up here, in this immaculate mansion, constantly trailing behind Kazu, whose personality was not as neat as his home, trying to keep up to speed with both the man and the troubling news that kept crashing down on them. Cyrus could not remember if he had actually agreed to all of this or if Kazu had just swept him up and carried him away before he could decline, but at least the predicament he had somehow fallen into was an exciting and challenging one.

There were scrolls and books everywhere. Cyrus had no idea how many he had read through since he had entered the study that morning. Many of them had probably been read several times as his tired mind failed to register the contents, but he pushed on, eager for the chance to find something vital that could change the game before another mysterious game could occur. When Kazu hurried out of the room, Cyrus did not think twice about following, finally getting used to the strange man's habits. As scrolls fell, Cyrus used his own magic to collect them and add them to a neat pile. If nothing else, his ability to effortlessly levitate objects was improving.

"What-" Cyrus began to inquire, but Kazu was calling to his butler and did not even seem to be aware that his new assistant was stumbling along behind. Had something happened? The mage had been too absorbed in his own studies to notice the paper revealing the news of the morning, but clearly it had put Kazu into some sort of frenzy. Had something changed? Were things getting worse?

Oliver was much less fazed by the behavior. He had been the butler of this mansion for several months now, and the eccentricities of his master were old news. As such, he was already in the kitchen when Kazu and Cyrus made their way down, waiting for the first pot of coffee to finish brewing. He had expected to have to bring the mens' breakfast up to the study, but a good butler was flexible. As soon as he heard the steps, he prepared a tray with mugs, cream, sugar, and a full carafe. A second tray of fruit and simple pastries would hold the scholars over until the hot food was ready. Oliver placed these on the table as Kazu sat down, saying nothing as he returned to cooking as he knew the words probably wouldn't be registered anyway.

"I-" Cyrus was out of breath by the time they reached the kitchen, struggling to hold scrolls and books in his arms as his levitated stack began to tumble. "I'm right here."

The mage carefully began set the texts down next to the table when Kazu finally revealed what he had learned. Cyrus dropped the rest of what he was carrying and looked up in shock.

"Someone else died?" he echoed. "Who? How? What was different?" Cyrus was too excited by the development to sit and instead fumbled around to find his pen and some blank paper so that he could make notes. "Does it give us any leads?"
01-09-2018, 07:07 PM
It was no surprise that Oliver was on top of everything. He set down a tray of coffee and another of pastries and fruit. Gods, this man was a blessing.

Kazu didn't even hesitate as he poured himself a mug of hot coffee and filled it with cream and sugar, "Thank you, my caffeinated angel of the night," he said, giving the vampire an adoring gaze and a smile before he turned to pay attention to Cyrus, who had finally joined him.

"Yes," he said before taking a sip of his steaming cup, "Another one died." He set the cup down in front of himself and, with a wave of his hand, summoned himself a bottle of his finest brandy. Which he poured a good bit of into his coffee. Nothing like a good dose of alcohol to start off his morning!

He flipped through one of the books at the top of his stack, mumbling to himself as it wasn't the right book. Thankfully, book two was the charm, and he slid the book over to Cyrus, already at the page he needed. "Her name was Aerithe, a royal eastern dragon. Oracle of Zarkos, God of air." Kazu took a moment to drink from his cup, making up the difference of what he drank with brandy. "She was young, too, from the looks of it. What a shame," he gave a sympathetic sigh, eyes misting over as if he'd thought of something else; something deeply personal.

"All accounts point to her suffocating in Prerio's city square. It happened at midnight, and witnesses report that she was forced from her human form to that of her dragon form. From there they say a twister of air tore from her mouth, and she suffocated." He read the grim details aloud, his voice wrought with exhaustion. Did he have bags under his eyes? He felt like he had bags under his eyes.

"So basically...it's like the others. And we've gotten fucking nowhere."
01-23-2018, 02:40 PM
Oliver couldn't help but crack a smile as Kazu referred to him as a caffeinated angel of the night. His employer was so weird, especially in this sleep-deprived, barely functioning state. It was charming, but the butler had a breakfast to cook and could not stand around enjoying the other man's adoring gaze forever. He turned back toward his work just in time to miss Kazu pouring alcohol into his cup, which definitely would have ruined the sphinx's good image for Oliver in that moment.

"There's no way we still have nothing," said Cyrus in exasperation as he arranged some books and papers on the table. He picked up a pen in on hand and a cup of coffee in the other, downing the bitter caffeine as he scribbled down the traits of all the deaths. Ugh, there wasn't enough sugar in his coffee, but that wasn't important right now. Fire, water, air. What did it all mean? What was here that could help them predict when it would happen again and why?

He labeled each event with the date it occurred. 15th of Ganthor... 45th of Ganthor... and what was today?

"Oh!" the mage exclaimed, setting down his cup abruptly. "Kazu, the first death was on the 15th of Ganthor, and the second on the 45th, three weeks later. And today is the 25th of Haliea, which, again, is exactly three weeks after the last death."

Inspired by this discovery, Cyrus resumed scratching out his thoughts, trying to find a way to link this newest tragedy with the previous ones. He had connected when the deaths occurred. How about where?

"Jakroth's oracle died in Sleibte, the wolf queen in Katakarthia... Where did you say Zarkos' oracle was? Prerio? Which is in..." Cyrus referred to a map to confirm the location. "Xira. Which means that they all died on a different continent. So..."

He thought for a moment before looking up at Kazu, eyes shining. "I think that means, on the fifth of Jakroth, someone will die in Prasinos."
01-24-2018, 01:27 PM
Kazu sputtered a bit at Cyrus' exclamation, quickly catching himself with a napkin to dab his lips with. His dark eyes seemed to gleam silver as he looked hungrily at the papers before him. Three weeks. Three continents. Three oracles.

There was a definite pattern.

"So you think one of the lion oracles is next?" he asked, shuffling through his papers to see if he had anything on the royal lions. He had nothing, of course. All their work had been in regards to the oracles who had already died, save for Aerithe, who's death had been too recent for him to make a trip to the library.

He took a long sip of his coffee, and added more brandy to make up the difference. "There's got to be a pattern here somewhere. Three weeks. Three deaths. Three countries..." Another sip. "There has to be something we're missing..."
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