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Haliea: 25th day

Golem Species: Draft 1
Here goes...
01-03-2018, 08:47 PM
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Golems: Artificial men, made in ages past with methods unknown.

Created by unknown magic users in time long gone, there fake men stride forth to find a new purpose, while keeping the past they came from secret.

Alignment = Neutral


Average Lifespan: Until Death


Gods Worshipped
None, they only follow their makers. Having long been dead, they now either continue to carry out the last order given, lie dormant, or endeavor to find their own way through existence.


Most commonly, they are in the shape of the species that made them although some have been made to form specific roles. The most common of these are the horses which, like any golem in the form of a 'normal' creature, are faster, stronger, and never tire. Due to the occasional rider, we know that they were likely only used in emergency, as riding one is an intensely uncomfortable experience. The unfortunate men who have tried this are usually childless. Rarer still are those that are not modeled after any natural being, instead appearing as spheres with legs sticking out of them, a large enchanted barrel indicating their original purpose, to end prolonged sieges before they began.


They are all tireless, but what they can endure is based on what they were made of. The rarest ones have runes etched into them, giving them access to a few more powerful abilities in addition to the plethora of smaller but still useful abilities of the more common Golem. Each has a special symbol on them that gives them life. So long as this is not destroyed, they can be remade.
Fortunately or Unfortunately, they were given a code to prevent them from becoming to powerful. That code was, and is, at its most basic:
1) A Golem must not disobey their master
2) A Golem may not make alterations to itself with out explicit permission from its creator
3) A Golem may not make more of itself or any other form of Golem, nor may it strive for a progeny of its own
4) A Golem may not intentionally misinterpret any of its order
5) A Golem may avoid contact with its master to avoid receiving orders


They are, without exception, secretive in their knowledge of the past. (could be because of orders or just general agreement)
gather once a century. These gatherings are held in secret, in cellars or other secluded location. In these places, they share what news they have heard.


Built by the oldest and most powerful magic practitioners of times in memorial, (so before the first Generation of Royals appering, as I thought they might have been used in the civil wars) the means of their creation has been lost, and while they, themselves might know, the Golems are unlikely, read will never, to ever share it with others. Oddly enough, they most of them come out of the Whispering Tundra, or from other desolate places.
01-08-2018, 05:12 PM

Staff has accepted the suggestion and will review this information as we work to include these. 
Thank you for your suggestion!
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