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Haliea: 25th day

The First Fires
12-28-2017, 10:48 PM
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Thread Status: Closed
Players Involved: Immortal Cyan, Andromeda
Characters Involved: Calix Dreamscythe, Ximena
Setting: Seliel City, Third District Coliseum
Time: Current, Morning
Weather: Clear
Theme: Lostprophets - Everyday Combat

It was a clear and warm morning in Seliel City. This was one of the designated days that the gladiatorial contests were held. Man, woman, and beast were set against each other and ordered to spill blood for the entertainment of the masses and royals alike. As it always was for these events, the arena was at full capacity and the noise was near deafening. The current event was a sanctioned duel between an angel and a demon. To a trained martial eye, it was clear that the fight was winding down and that the victor had already been decided. However, the losing combatant, a pale-skinned male demon, was preparing to transition into his true form in a final effort to save his life. Yet it was doubtful as to whether he would have the strength or energy to successfully change forms without exacerbating his wounds to the point of becoming incapacitated, and therefore, dead.

The pale skinned Death demon managed to create separation between the angel and himself for the last time, giving him an opening to shift. However, as he changed forms, the angel closed the gap with uncanny speed and slashed her glaive from hip to shoulder, leaving his shoulder a bleeding stump in one fell strike. The blow shocked him, but he was still on his feet by the time the next strike came, which separated his head from his body in a manner so surgical that the angel had not generated enough excess force to directly knock him down.

For what seemed to be an eternity, the dead demon's skeletal body stood there, spraying blood from neck and shoulder before finally falling to it's knees and hitting the sand with a dull thud.

Quite simply, the crowd erupted like a volcano.

Meanwhile, behind the closed, caged gates in the lower walls of the arena itself stood a diminutive, hummingbird Kelahati woman. She was next.
12-28-2017, 11:39 PM
In the crowd a man stood and clamped at the show. It was a good show for sure. Worth the money he had spent for this expensive seat to watch the show below. The angel and demon had put up and amazing fight. It was so entertaining to watch two species fight knowing of their rivalry and hatred of the other's blood. He licked his lips. He was eager to see what they would offer next. 

His dark eyes, almost black, burned like coals upon the floor as they cleaned the floor from the dead. The blood would be dealt with later. It wasn't that much of a concern for the moment. He pulled the plate that had been brought to him to his lap and took a bite. It tasted amazing. The food... The cost of all of this he had paid to be here to a commoner would be insane. He could see the arena very well.  

His position in society had allowed him this. It helped he could pull his name for power's sake and this was a good time to do it. He ate his grapes and smiled. He could see who was next. Oh this would be interesting for sure. He wasn't entirely sure what he thought of the next fight...
12-29-2017, 12:24 AM
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The angel woman gave the crowd a curt bow and exited unceremoniously through a gate in the lower section of the arena. The noise of the crowd diminished slightly as she exited and the gate closed behind her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest will feature a crowd favorite and...", the announcer was interrupted by an eruption of cheers and screams. In the sandy arena below, the gate with the hummingbird woman behind it had opened and she was flying around the arena at nearly max speed with a curved shamshir and a katar blade in hand. The flight was her pre-fight ritual and it featured acrobatic aerial stunts and warm up exercises. She was tiny, almost absurdly so. In her first fight almost two years ago, she had been the laughing stock of the arena and she had been placed in a contest that was an extreme mismatch in her opponent's favor. However, she had won that contest through skill, speed, and bloodshed on her part and her opponent's. That fight had been the talk of the town for weeks, and the payout for her and the company that contracted her had been grand.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ximena the Wolfslayer!", the announcer yelled, the volume of his voice amplified by air magic mages. In spite of the air magic, the announcer was barely audible over the cheers in the arena.

"Her opponent is...I mean...her opponents are wait...a pair of thugs!", he said, apparently having a mix up with what or who Ximena was scheduled to fight.

On the ground below Ximena, a pair of two massive figures, clad in thick plate armor and wielding greatswords walked into the arena, giving a few obligatory waves and bows to the crowd as they did. After finishing her pre-fight ritual, Ximena touched down near the middle of the arena.

The loud and raucous cheers persisted. However, in the midst of the crowd itself, black cloaked figures began to disperse from the exits. If one snuck a glance under their hoods they would find a gleaming, full face helmet and a full suit of armor identical to the one the two armored fighters in the arena wore.

The royal kitsune man in the crowd would notice a few orbiting his seating section, and many more seemed to follow...
01-02-2018, 11:46 PM
The kitsune leaned forward eager to watch the scene before him unfold. What would become of this mysterious event before him. He had heard whispers of this girl, but seeing her in person was a bit different. It was extremely interesting. The stories almost made him expect something different, but there she was. He glanced at the other two people in the arena. They were odd... For this type of fighting and it made his hair stand up on his neck. It wasn't normal, but then again he had seen this before it just felt off. He wasn't sure how or why he knew that but something made him a bit edgy.

He gripped his chair slightly and watched. Made himself ready incase anything happened. He would be prepared. His eyes took on a slight glow as he prepared himself for an attack or something if he needed to step in. He would help if he needed. He didn't like how these odds were looking form his end of the stand.
01-09-2018, 10:22 AM
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With little distinction in fanfare, the bell rung, signifying that the arena was an active combat zone and that the fight had started. A few guards stood on the edges overlooking the arena, to hinder anyone who tried to jump into the arena and to maintain security in the stands. However, many were more focused upon executing the latter task, as fights between drunken fans over lost bets were far more frequent than unauthorized entrances into the arena, which was risking certain death, given the potency, strength, skill, and athleticism of the fighters deployed by the various gladiatorial companies.

Although the ring was mostly empty, the three individuals inside were paragons of physical performance and martial skill, making it a very dangerous place to be for the average individual. While common soldiers were trained in tactics and martial skills that made them proficient in fighting as a coordinated unit, gladiators trained as individual fighters, which necessitated a mastery over the martial arts that only the most elite soldiers ever attained.

As the fight began, Ximena hovered in the air, her wings beating at a speed incomprehensible to the normal eye. Her two opponents approached with their greatswords held in a low stance, their eyes tracking her movements as she slowly circled around them. There seemed to be little distinction between the two armor-clad, greatsword-wielding fighters. However, one was shorter and more thickly built, while the other was taller and leaner. It went without saying that both were vastly taller and stronger than their diminutive opponent, but with all of the weight they carried, the two men could not hope to match the speed, acceleration, or dexterity that Ximena possessed.

Surprisingly enough, the hummingbird woman made the first move, although it was a feint, only intended to provoke retaliatory strikes or to throw her opponents off balance. It was a high slash, which appeared to come in at a high angle, but was intended to strike low. It was aimed for the taller opponent, and he dodged it with a graceful backstep, indicating that he knew how to counter slashing weapons. Just as Ximena was on the downswing, the shorter fighter lunged forward for a thrust, but it only took a shift in the angle of Ximena's wings to fly backwards and out of range. Just as his strike missed, the shorter fighter swiftly maneuvered on the offensive, unleashing a series of thrusts and disciplined slashes.

Quite simply, they all missed.

It was quite like watching a man trying to strike an insect with a flyswatter, Ximena flew backwards, vertically, and laterally with motions that almost blurred together. She switched directions, accelerated, and stopped on a dime. The second fighter maneuvered offensively as well, unleashing his own series of strikes from Ximena's opposite side before she ducked out of range.

The crowd cheered raucously in response as the two greatsword fighters took up a low stance once again and began to encircle her like prowling predators. Many in the crowd cheered at the display of martial skill, however, others were on the edge of their seats, waiting for blood to spill. Those who came for the former were in awe at Ximena's athleticism and agility. They would only scream louder as Ximena charged the taller fighter and initiated a high arcing slash with her shamshir, followed by a low slash, which connected with the back of his right knee in a splash of blood.

The taller fighter was forced onto his left knee when he felt his left leg lose balance underneath him. However, he was incapacitated by the time he hit the ground, as the edge of Ximena's shamshir connected with his throat, cutting through mail and padding like paper before penetrating supple skin and unleashing a veritable faucet of crimson liquid, which dripped profusely down his armor and collected on the sandy ground of the arena.

The sound in the arena was deafening as Ximena flew behind the dying form of the taller fighter and landed on the ground, with her shamshir lowered to her side. The shorter greatsword fighter took a similar relaxed stance as well, as if to wait out the raucous cheering on the part of the crowd.

Meanwhile, in the stands, the cheering seemed to drown out panicked wails and screams that erupted from the throats of wary and unwary fans alike, as the black cloaks came off, unveiling armed figures clad in suits of plate armor identical to the ones that the two greatsword fighters in the arena wore. Swords came free of scabbards while halberds, polearms, and crossbows came free of shoulder straps. Suddenly the figures set themselves upon the crowd, slaying civilians and guards in a manner that appeared to be random and unplanned.

Calix Dreamscythe would see a crossbow bolt impale itself in the throat of a fat, bearded human in front of him, the man making harsh noises as he choked on the meat he was eating and the metallic bolt alike. All around him, women and men began to scream and run towards the top of the arena, where the nearest exits were located. One woman was running with a bleeding stump of a left arm, while many others lay inert in pools of their own blood, dead to mortal wounds inflicted by battlefield level weaponry. As they ran, many were cut down by sharpshooters, which appeared to be firing from the announcement booth. The guards around him began to fight the plate armored figures as well, although they were taking heavy losses of their own, as many of them had been caught unaware by the attack.
01-14-2018, 01:43 PM
Calix had been just watching and clapping along to the fight, on the edge of his chair as he watched the woman. It wasn't until the fight came to him that he felt his body jolt to awareness. He found himself out of his chair, his hair standing on end. If his ears and tail had been visible it would be fluffy. He inhaled sharply as he looked around. What the hell was going on? What had happened and who had pissed all these people off? He never thought it would turn into this. He had been slightly concerned they were trying to off the person he bided on just cause they wanted to spit on his feet or they were tired of her doing so well, but this was just... He had no words for it. He quickly cast an illusion that turn him invisible and he jumped down into the arena. It had sand, earth... He felt at home. 

He dropped his illusion and he cast his magic. The ground shook beneath him. The sand rose and begun to spin as he waved his hand. His eyes showing power as they shone with purpose and anger. He reached out with his magic more feeling the ground below the the stands and shattered it,causing an imbalance. That forced some people to fall from the stands as they begun to break apart. "Hurry! Run I'll cause a distraction. Meet me out side of the main city gates. I'll come for you there," he told the warrior. He was going to make sure she at least made it out of here alive. Had she perhaps done something- No he couldn't think like that. He just wanted this all to stop. Surely that fat man hadn't offended anyone enough to die the way he did. People were just nuts. That was why Kitsune preferred to actually live alone most of the time. He could definitely understand that feeling and long for it in moments like this.  

He could hear weapons being drawn, people protesting at the stadium moving, and he could feel an arrow miss his ear by mere centimeters. He cursed slightly as he made the sandstorm grow more intense and tried to seek out those that were causing all the chaos. Maybe he should make them pay... A dark thought creep into his mind as his finger tips twitched. It wouldn't be that hard... All he had to do was, no he wasn't here to start that big of a stir. He just needed to make sure the girl lived. He didn't know why but he could feel she was important.

The man would hold his ground until she made her escape. He could feel the men trying to find him... They knew if they killed him, the storm would stop.
05-19-2018, 02:35 PM
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Ximena always fought in a manner that many of her trainers and co-workers described as, "locked-in". Although outside of the arena she tended to be hyperactive and aggressive, inside, her mentality was completely different. However, even she could not ignore the discordant cacophony of terrified screams emanating from the stands. Her focus on the fight and her opponent was distracted when she took a cursory glance at the stands. At light-speed, her ultra-fast hummingbird senses processed the crossbow bolts whizzing through the air, massive poleaxes swinging at the necks of unarmed civilians, guards being cut down in droves, and finally the plate-armored figures who had initiated the attack. Most disturbingly, the slaughter seemed to be random and indiscriminate. Although most looked to have gotten towards the exits safely, others were writhing in their own pools of blood and many were laying inert.

Although she could process details at ultra-fast speeds, the hummingbird gladiator had no clue what was going on. She could not elucidate the motives behind something like this, but that was a question for later. Right now, she needed to survive.

She could simply fly up and out of the arena. If there was anyone within the arena who had the greatest chance of escaping, it was her. After all, she was lightweight and possessed wings that granted her virtually unlimited amounts of mobility. However, given the density of crossbow bolts whizzing through the air, that path of escape would be dangerous for some time. It was best to wait it out, for now.

Suddenly, Ximena instinctively unfolded her wings and jumped from the ground to hover in the air when the ground shook beneath her feet. She thought it was an earthquake at first, but the growing sandstorm within the arena gave her pause and it was only the errant voice which seemed to be directed at her that made her look back.

A mage? Was he behind this? Ximena's eyes widened for a short moment, but his words told her different from her instincts. However, she was unsure if she could trust him.

Ximena only spared the mage a nod of acknowledgement before looking back towards her opponent, who had his massive greatsword raised in an offensive position as he charged at her hovering form. The blade came down in a vicious downward arc, but just in time, Ximena shifted the direction of her wings and hovered out of range like an elusive bird. With speed and purpose, the hummingbird maneuvered against her opponent with the goal of outflanking him, so that she could land a strong and clean strike with her shamshir. Unlike the more mundane variants of it's type, Ximena's shamshir was sharp enough to cut through plate and mail, owing to the surgical precision of Dwarf forging and weapon manufacturing, which granted the blade an edge that could cut anything it touched, no matter how light. With an unskilled arm behind it, the weapon was more of a danger to its user than to an opponent. However, with a full childhood of martial training behind her, Ximena was the exact opposite of that.

Ximena hovered up, around, and over the scrambling form of her opponent, who seemed to be growing more exhausted by the second. Numerous openings for attack had already presented themselves, but Ximena was looking for something more...fell. The opportunity showed itself after only four seconds from when the greatsword fighter had swung, when Ximena had hovered gracefully to the back of her opponent. By her perception, there was plenty of time and space for her to execute a singular maneuver which would end the fight entirely.

At a speed that would appear as only a blur to the human eye, Ximena's shamshir whistled through the air and struck the right side of the greatsword fighter's armored neck, slashing through plate, mail, padding, skin, and bone, before emerging from the left side of his neck. The fighter's head was completely severed from his body and it flew through the air until it landed right at the feet of the mage.

It was then that Ximena locked eyes with him, her expression unreadable, yet focused and intense.
06-12-2018, 08:17 PM
He had been careful with his movements after the start of the sandstorm. He had been trying to avoid most of the conflict. His kind worked best from the shadows. Inhaling he tried to center himself and used the area around him trying to minimize casualties of tourists. A broken ankle here, a fractured wrist there, and other things to slow some of the tormentors down. It was simple... and easy forhim especially given the materials of the stadium around him. After all earth was his speciality.

Sometimes all he had to do was make a hole in the ground for their foot to slip into, a wall of earth for them to run into, or even something to bind. He didn't need to hold them for long. He just wanted to buy people time. He knew it was dangerous but he wanted to help.

Calix really didn't want anymore blood on his hands. They had seen a lot of blood over his lifetime. He had just seen a small child to safety. He broke the leg of a man who was trying to impale her with a sword as she ran by make a simple hole in the ground for him to step into. As he defended ded the girl, he felt a sharp pain to his side and he bared his fangs. He had been careless... too busy creating distractions for others and not caring for himself. He could feel the other man's body pushing up against him as he tried to regain his footing. It was clear this man had been enjoying the festivities of the evening. Calix grabbed the blade as it passed, grazing his side and pulled the man past him before having the wood of the stands he was on weaken. As it did. The man's foot went through the wood and he fell forward. Hard earth shot up as the man reached down to catch himself and impaled him. A earthen stake through the head. The fox's fingers gently pressed against his side. He could feel blood pooling there.

He didn't have time to think of it before a head fell at his feet. He looked up and there she was. So she really was a fighter. Why didn't she leave when he gave her an opening? A small smile tugged at his lips before he nodded slightly and earth rose up between the wooden slabs to try to keep the crowd from getting that close again. Pain was a beautiful teacher.
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