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Haliea: 25th day

Raziel Porfirio
Conquest Demon
08-19-2017, 11:14 PM
[Image: raziel.png]
Name: Raziel Porfirio
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 3606
Gender: Male 
Species: Conquest Demon
Destruction Magic: Toxicity - Raziel isn't much of a fighter, but self-defense is a must in this world. The small demon is rather fond of nonviolent ways of besting someone--like poisoning their coffee and leaving the room, then acting shocked and horrified when he discovers the corpse... Kidding! By thinking bad or rude thoughts, he can focus his energy into his fingertips and secrete a poisonous fluid that can result in quite a case of indigestion. With enough negativity, it becomes a corrosive magical acid, but he has only done this once, and is horrified by how it makes him feel like a storm cloud has literally moved in over his head.

Destruction Magic: Curses - Raziel saves curses for the worst of the worst people alive, but his curses never kill or even harm--merely... Inconvenience. While he is fully aware of more powerful, potent curses, and is more than capable of using them, he seems to be afraid of what sort of attention they might stir from more powerful demons. Thus, he only uses curses that inflict unyielding diarrhea, or other distasteful deeds onto incredibly rude patrons.

Levitation - Sometimes his chains rattling is a little noisy and distracting. He learned to hover a few inches off the ground in order to silently move about. He typically only levitates if he knows someone is sleeping, has a headache, or is in some need of peace and quiet. 

Sinful Chocolates: Pheromones - He quite literally cannot help that he has an influence over people. Although as a demon, he may be able to inspire fear in some, something has gone awry... Many people seem to want to let their guard down around him, initially. He believes this is the effect of his slightly lustful influence over others, and it will not affect anyone who is pure of heart, without sexual desires, nor someone strong-willed.

Common Form - In his common form, Raziel is, to put it bluntly, stacked like a plate of flapjacks. His weight distribution seems to have all his weight go toward his rear end, much to his chagrin. The demon comes up to a petite 4'11", being dwarfed by everything except dwarves themselves. The tiny demon's unruly hair is a dull magenta in color, his eyes a bright pink, made even more vibrant by his black sclera. Although he claims to have horns, they seem to be hidden underneath his uncombed bangs. His complexion has an unhealthy purple undertone to it, and his collar and shackles there is consistent bruising and faded scars from being jolted around. His skin is soft to the touch like he moisturizes often, and... Do I smell vanilla cupcakes? 
He usually dresses in a uniform consisting of a heavy jacket with brass details, dress slacks, and knee-high boots with brass details. However, no matter how he chooses to dress, his chains are always visible. His collar is chained to his wrist restraints, preventing wide movements, and his ankles are tethered together and weighed down by a ball chain. While he's gotten used to moving around this way, even while levitating it looks awfully cumbersome. Underneath his clothes are a series of rune-like letters, faded brands from everyone who has ever taken control of him. On his upper left shoulder blade, his most recent brand denotes his current owner--Chandra Tsukuyomi. It is shaped like a fox's head, matching an emblem on his jacket.

True Form - When he is damaged and in danger, his current restraints become sturdier, stronger, and even more restrictive. Disorienting items begin to appear on his body--new chains, blindfolds, straightjackets, and finally an iron helmet will entrap his head. In dire scenarios, it offers him protection from all sensations and stimulus--even pain, perhaps. No noise escapes his helm, except a metallic ringing, sounding almost like painful, heaving sobs. Entering this form is physically draining, and must only be brought out in life-or-death scenarios. Exiting it is even more excruciating, and requires a month of rest to counter the fatigue it causes.

Beast Within - Raziel is currently only able to take the form of a tufted deer or a black-billed magpie. As he gets weakened, his animal forms resemble his true form--his deer form's collar becomes a bear trap, and as a magpie, his wings become clipped.

Submissive - Raziel is perhaps the definition of meek and docile. He's rather soft-spoken, to the point where he'd rather just sigh a "nevermind," instead of repeating himself. While he's more than capable of functioning on his own, a little gentle direction never hurt. A forceful application of direction is equally welcome. Walking all over him like a doormat will also get things accomplished.
Crabby - For a demon, a short-fuse temper would be normal, but Raziel's temper is very specifically related to his bodily autonomy. He is okay with professional touch: handshakes, back pats, shoulder grabs even! However, as soon as it goes beyond a just-acquaintances gesture, you will lose all your fingers. If you hug him, he will hug back if only to snap your ribs. The only one allowed to touch him is his master, or someone granted permission by his master. If he initiates friendly contact, a miracle has been witnessed.
Meticulous - Since his job deals with a plethora of information, missing a detail could cost him more than just a few gold. Because of this, he has a near-photographic memory, and there is no better filing cabinet in The Foxden than his own brain. If you ask kindly enough, he will probably count every grain of rice in the pantry. 
Oblivious - Becoming the embodiment of lust doesn't mean you can pick up on others being lustful toward you. Flirting goes way over Raziel's head, and unless he is directly and bluntly told about intentions, he will react flatly to whatever statement is made. He is a very dry person overall, you will need a tall glass of water on standby to have a conversation that isnt strictly business. It's believed he developed his deer form when he was asked to "be a little dear" during a favor.

Raziel was what we call an "oops baby," never meant to exist, but it happened quite frequently! The young boy was born to a lowly demon who spent her time as a concubine in a harem, and she was perhaps a little bit off her rocker. While the many other mistresses were impregnated by their master, they were incredibly open about it, yet Raziel's mother actively tried to hide her belly. Even days before his birth, if you asked her outright, "are you pregnant?" you would be told "no."

Children who were born within the harem and lead relatively normal lives--except for Raziel. While his half-siblings were encouraged to leave to practice magic and hone their skills for the ongoing war, Raziel's mother begged him to never leave her side. Perhaps, because this life was all he knew, he stayed. He always wanted mother to be happy, but her happiness was always fleeting, conditions changing for what made her smile.

One day, mother only wanted one thing of her sweet little Raziel. He was to eat a small box of chocolates. 
A stupidly simple task! Mother pushed the bonbon to his lips, and he barely took the time to chew it. The flavor was a refined sweetness, and the texture was rich. Almost... Sinfully delectable.
A warm, tingling sensation began to spread throughout his body, but was soon replaced with a tenacious burning feeling. His worn-down, scarred figure became pleasantly plump, his sullen face became taut and young, and he could feel his very bone structure shifting as his proportions changed and grew. Feeling his horns shrink and recede into his skull was perhaps the most memorable pain. 

That was merely the power of but a single chocolate, and his mother continued to push more toward his lips.
From here on out, Raziel's mother planned for him to be part of the harem as well.
Raziel would never have to leave mother now, right?


Out of fear, disgust, rage, and a cocktail mixture of other emotions, Raziel struck his mother down, holding her throat tightly and brimming with awful, heinous thoughts. His vision blurred from the tears--perhaps for the better, as his mother's face began to boil and melt from his touch. The scared young demon didn't know what to do, and began burning away at his chains. He shifted into a magpie and flew as far as his wings could carry him, to a new master.

For hundreds of years, he traveled the continents, taking on new masters and fleeing the ones who mistreated him. 
For the past 2000 years, he has been under Chandra Tsukuyomi's wings, and he has never been happier. 
08-20-2017, 01:23 PM
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