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Haliea: 25th day

Chandra Tsukuyomi
08-11-2017, 07:48 PM
[Image: DG-VGsvXsAMmfdU.png:large]
Name: Chandra Tsukuyomi
Nicknames: Mummy Dearest
Age: At least 10,000 years old (8 Tails)
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune
Illusion Magic- Wherever Chandra demands attention, she always gets it. She can make the illusion that with every step she takes, a flower blooms, then slowly begins to wilt the further away she walks. When battling, her blood doesn't come out as splatters, but rather rose petals. While she can create quite powerful illusions, she chooses to only use them to make an entrance, it seems...
Fire Elemental Magic: Mystic Flames - In Human form, Chandra can use her pointer finger to make a circle, and a ring of fire will blast out toward her opponent. In Kitsune form, she must form a ring with her tails for a similar effect. Her fire burns a dazzling white. 
Form Shifting - Like all Kitsune, Chandra is capable of shifting between a foxlike and humanoid form. She prefers the human form, and only uses her fox form to intimidate.

Kitsune - In a more familiar foxy form, Chandra is rather rotund for what is normally a nimble animal. Her mango yellow pelt is very well groomed, accented by a soft white underbelly and black socks all around, complete with four dainty paws. Her eight tails are often clumped together, flicking the tips in a way that resembles a hot flame. Her magenta magatama rests comfortably around her neck, perhaps hiding her starball somewhere within the countless beads. Her eyes are lined with orange flame-like markings. Should she ever open her eyes, her looks could kill--all you can see are two black orbs each dotted with a single golden ring. 

Human - Chandra prefers the form of a well-groomed, clean-cut matriarch figure. Her curvaceous form is often accentuated with a form-fitting qipao, slit high to show as much skin as possible while still being classy and alluring. The colors tend to vary, but they are always floral patterned, and always tailored to a perfect fit. She wears ornate earrings that often dangle far beneath her earlobes, and always wears her magatama. Her short, cropped hair falls naturally, resembling fire as it gets lighter toward the tips. Her glimmering yellow eyes always seem to be scheming, peering into your soul... Her lips are usually puckered around a pipe made from obsidian, puffing away at something sweet smelling.

Prideful - As the proprietor and owner of a very successful brothel, who wouldn't boast a little? She's notorious, after all! People from all over Yfarsal--no, all of Sleibte! Chandra has clients from all corners of Sleibte visit her establishment! Of course she would consider herself a dignified woman! She's a beautiful maiden who can afford to be a little vain!
Manipulative - While she prefers the term persuasive, Chandra is quite convincing when she needs to be. After all, who wouldn't want to give the time of day to such a--ahem--vixen? She's very direct about her wants and desires, with quite a charm about her. You should listen for a while. Maybe you should give her what you have in your pockets, too. 
Lustful - It only makes sense that you'd choose your line of work because you like it... However, she's considered herself retired from her business and only works the front of her brothel, doing bookkeeping and arranging interviews.  She will only consider a romp around in the sheets if you have the gold to back it up. ...How much, you ask? Oh, darling, you couldn't dream of having a night with her!
Protective - If you promise your loyalty to this Kitsune, she will give you everything her wallet can afford. By providing her a service, like working in her brothel, she feels obligated to repay the favor. She is especially kind to children--to a degree. Once they get handsy, they can expect a smack upside the head. Mess with any of Chandra's workers, she won't hesitate to exact some revenge, Kitsune-style. They are her babies, and if you mess with the foxfire, you get burned. Extra crispy. 

Born to first-generation Kitsune parents, Chandra has been on this earth for perhaps, too long. Her childhood was relatively boring, simply existing between meals and jolly little tricks. It wasn't until adulthood that she truly began to discover who she was, when she separated from her parents in search of a mate.
It was like she had discovered a calling in life. She found perhaps her only talent in life: horizontal refreshments. 

After many thousands of years of the old in-and-out, Chandra realized that there was probably something beneficial she could do with her, uh, skills. For the past 2000 years, Chandra has owned and run an establishment known as The Foxden, Its success has caused other similar businesses in Yfarsal, such as Ninetails In The Air and Frisky Vixens, to go out of business. 
She treats her employees with just as much respect as her clients, providing them with their own rooms, food, and other frivolous desires. 
08-12-2017, 01:30 PM
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