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Buy MLB The Show 23 Stubs For Roster Update - Full Swing

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MLB The Show 23's new captain will be announced on Friday. And now fans can check out the new legends who will lead the themed teams in the baseball sim below:

High Stamina Relievers Captain - Rollie Fingers
Venezuela Team Captain - Salvador Perez
1970s and 80s Captain - Johnny Bench
50 Homers Captain - Sammy Sosa
Short Kings Captain - Joe Morgan
Tall Kings Captain - Randy Johnson
Arm Accuracy Captain - Mookie Betts
Durability Captain - Cal Ripken

Of the new captains, only Salvador Perez and Mookie Betts are still active MLB players, but that doesn't stop the fans from being hungry and excited about hitting home runs.

Instead, I'm going to share a few tips to make it easier for players to join and pass the tournament.

1. Adapted camera angle adjustment and selection to give players a better experience.

2. Time your shots. Swinging with the batter at the right time gives us a better chance of hitting a home run.

3. A smaller stadium can also improve your chances of hitting a home run.

4. Use your time-outs wisely.
There are many interesting and practical skills, you might as well head over to UTnice to learn more interesting information.

It turns out that sluggers with high power stats will have a better chance of hitting a home run. So let's say a player wants to hit a home run on MLB The Show 23, some strong hitters such as Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, etc. are excellent choices. And players who don't have these players don't have to worry, I believe it will solve your troubles very well if you are willing to buy MLB 23 Stubs at

Now, have a go!

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