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POE 3.21 Currency: Your Best Crucible Choice Path

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As a point of contention, there is no doubt that Crucible has a lot of creativity, which also leads to a new concept: Crucible is expected to be a core alliance stationed in POE?

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think that’s likely to happen. For example, players are still waiting for the Reorganizer to return from Sentinel League, although some players think it will be a good addition to the core game, and although GGG deliberately said it would like to do so, it did not do so. For example, players can get overly exaggerated resistance or a single maximum elemental resistance on a single shield, and then the powerful weapon passive tree seriously distorts the balance of the game. But, at least for now, we can enjoy the Crucible League and experience the fun of the game by purchasing POE Orbs.

Back on the Crucible, POE 3.21 has a patch that made the Vengeant Cascade quite popular.

And the reason Vengeant Cascade is being used so much in this patch is because of a change in the Crucible Alliance patch notes. Vengeant Cascade will cause a lot of ballistic skill interaction. For example with volcanic fissures, they return to the fissure in the ground where the projectile originally originated, rather than actually returning to you. So, for many abilities, they can double the damage done. This is also the main reason why Vengeant Cascade is so popular.

Because of the powerful potency of the Vengeant Cascade, it is not only for bow skills, but also a priority for melee skills and firing projectiles. The strength of the Vengeant Cascade makes it feel like you have to use all of these abilities because of the massive payoff. And if you want to know more about POE 3.21 in detail, I believe Buy POE Orbs will give you great help.

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