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Character's Name:edan

Nicknames: none

Age: thousands of years(immortal)

Gender: male

Species: cross roads demon

wish granting: the ability to grant wishes in exchange for a persons soul or magic artifact depending on his wants and needs however there are limits to what he can do such as not being able to do anything outside of reality like making a non existing animal

Hellfire: the ability to summon the flames of hell ineffective against someone using holy magic

Demonic magic: able to use inferal powers such as controlling lesser demons example hellhounds/necromancy along with any other dark powers associated with hell

Superhuman Strength: can lift heavy objects but not mountains and can be crushed by heavy objects if they out weigh him

Superhuman Endurance: can withstand most hits unless by a stronger being that can shatter his body in some way or form

Regeneration: edan can regenerate most things for example cut off his arm he will given time regrow that however fatal wounds still would kill him such as cutting off his head or stabbing him in the heart

Shapeshifting: can go between a human form or his preferred humanoid wolf form 

Appearance:in image

Personality: edan is a business man by nature and will charm you with a smile and pleasant attitude but in reality is a sadist who loves to twist his wishes to make others fail especially if they wish for more foul things however he reserves such punishment for the wicked and for someone wishing for something good will keep his promise never one to go back on his word.

History: wip

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