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“Surrender would accomplish is nothing. The other Kings would turn on me for betraying them, and conflict would only grow. No, the only way we will gain true peace is if the conflict vanishes. This is what I desire: The demons gone from Katakarthia. The demons could go to Prasnios or Sbeite, but if you stay, there will be further conflict.” She glanced over at the volcano, which continued to spit black clouds of soot into the sky as she watched. 

“Your lands are harsh, dangerous, and barren. I know that your kingdoms rely heavily on trade to survive. If you were to leave, you would be safe from war, and in an environment where you could thrive. Well, all of you except Famine. I doubt they could survive anywhere.”

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"Lies," Razor said looking at her and he crossed his arms growling. "Demons will never be safe even if we left which I will never support. You are at the disadvantage here, not us. Your goddess left your son to die while our god sent us salvation." His amber eyes were amused and held a darkness there. The King of Death was waking up. He had been asleep and away for far too long. These Angels didn't seem to understand their place anymore.

"Here is a tip for you... stand down and go home. Get a better plan and then come back to see me. Right now you have nothing to offer except please leave. Our oracle is of two royal lines, not one. She is a dragon royal so be careful you don't start a war you can't finish little angel."

Razor growled in warning. "Now leave. Take your mutt and go home. Come back if you can think of something that isn't please surrender to me."

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