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(02-18-2020, 03:41 PM)KokoPuffs Wrote: The silence was fine for her at the moment, she could clearly hear the rustling of leaves and grass around her; even the gentle sound of the breeze rolling passed her own ears. Though, her heart started to pound in her chest soon after, she could feel his mouth opening around her small body. Her eyes grew wide in surprise, she could smell his breath envelope her entire being. If she had been quicker, she might have moved away in time to miss being clenched between a pair of large jaws; but instead, she felt his teeth clench around her.

Miu let out a soft shriek like sound from her lungs, a mix of fright and panic taking over her. Who wouldn't panic? A large male like this with their teeth around you? Hell, and he was silent the entire time as well! No warning before hand, no telling her he wasn't going to eat her; so it was all the little white dragon could assume was going to happen.

It didn't come, however, instead she was placed down upon his back? At least, she assume so by the feeling below her small feet. There was no doubt the sensation of anothers scales, but she was more happy knowing he wasn't trying to eat her; though gods know he was more than capable. His head gave some comfort, helping her calm herself from the intense fear she'd felt just moments prior; and yet she couldn't help but feel anxious about where he was taking her at the same time.

They traveled for some time before they reached their destination the sun just as he reached his cave before leaning down and sliding in past the cave opening with her still on his back not moving far from the caves opening even as he coiled around himself his main head leaning down while his second gently nudged Miu off his back by slowly sliding her down his side into his open hand. When she landed on his palm he moved his hand to the ground between his front legs. "You can stay here for the night and tomorrow I can take you where ever you want to go till then I need to sleep." Tartarus said eyes closing on both heads as his second one layed on the left of his main one leaving her free to move around if she wished to.

The sun was now fully set even if she could not see but tomorrow the larger dragon would go on the hunt again for larger animals then the creature he had devoured earlier by the oasis even if it would keep him satisfied until the morning.

However he was out cold heavy breath coming from his mouths even as he dreamed of whatever his mind let enter his head while the sand started to blow outside slightly entering the cave but not so much that it would cover the opening nor hit them and disturb the red scaled dragons slumber and even the beasts that wondered out at night for food would know better then to mess with a beast far larger then they could ever hope to become.

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