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Forcynthia (WIP)

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Character's Name:




Condor Kelahati | War Demon

Possession - The most dangerous thing about Cynth is his ability to possess others. This is done through the four eyes of his skull mask, and it's hard to tell if Cynth's actions are his own or that of the mask he wears. In order to possess someone, Cynth (and his mask) must make direct eye contact with whatever he wishes to possess. This sends them both into a kind of trance, where he must then overpower their will in order to take control of their thoughts and actions. A more direct method would be to simply place the skull mask on the head of whomever he'd like to possess, though Cynth is very hesitant about doing this...

Withdrawl - If separated from his mask Cynth begins to suffer from withdrawl. He gets frequent headaches, and they can get so bad he becomes unable to function.

Flight - Cynth is able to manifest the wings of his condor form in his human form, allowing him to fly for long distances.

Wild Magic - Like all kelahati, Cynth is able to communicate with animals (though he has an easier time understanding birds), and is very attuned to the world around him. This extends to his ability to survive in almost any environment. He has a great knowledge of plants and geography, which is surprising to many people because Cynth generally speaks like an uneducated fuck.

Cynth's personality is a little hard to pin down, thanks in part to his mask, but the core traits displayed by him are:

Friendly -

Simple -

Earnest -

Air-headed -

The core traits displayed by the mask are:

Sadistic -

Calculating -

Manipulative -


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