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Threading through Foreign Territories

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Setting: Sodanryn Forest and any other encompassing areas.
Time: Current, Afternoon.
Weather: Partly Cloudy.

A slight breeze coursed through the likes of Sodanryn forest. Once keeping a slow pace through the foliage, the tiger Kelahati became still, his ears swiveling about to detect sounds. He was… nervous. He hung close to the shadows, the striped patterns along his face and body allowing him to stay camouflaged. He was crossing through unknown territory that did not belong to him. All of this land he had never set a single foot in until now and it made him ill at ease.

He gripped tightly to his spear, another hand on some prize bounty strapped to his waist. An unfortunate hare that managed to snag itself in one of his many traps. It was all he had manage to scrounge up, the prey in this location so elusive.

It told him one thing. More dominant predators roamed the patch. It made the prey more careful, more intelligent. While it was a challenge he would normally applaud in a different situation, this time it made him apprehensive. When would be his next meal? It was days since he had passed civilization and the next time he would roam through once again… it concerned him.

Yet in the face of such a thought, he steeled his resolve, resuming a steady gait once more as the wind died down. He was light, nimble on his feet, maintaining on a trail animals frequently passed through when all else seemed to have end. If there was one thing he could trust, he could have faith in the animals, knowing they would have the best knowledge of their own domain.

He chuffed, his tail flickered. He remained on guard when he seemed to be lost yet he prayed a sign, a light through this bleak time.

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It was a peaceful day in the Sodanryn Forest, much like every other day since he'd arrived here from the other side of the continent. It was cool in the shade of the trees, and several small animals had gathered around him as he sat on a rock near a stream to rest. Many seemed to be on edge, with some of the more skittish creatures taking cover under his ornate robes.

"What's got you so frightened, little ones?" he asked, voice as sot as the breeze that ruffled his feathers and hair. One of the braver hares replied, its paws on his knee, and spoke back with a voice only a kelahati could understand.

He gave a thoughtful nod as he listened, and finally gave a nod in understanding. "So a new hunter has come to this part of the woods?" He gently scratched the hare between the ears and continued, "I'm very sorry for you all, but they need to eat, just as you do. It's a part of life."

The man leaned back to peer through the crowns of the trees above, peering through the leaves at the clouds rolling by without a care in the world. "Perhaps a song will ease your troubles, friends."

And he began to sing, his voice resonating as though the world around him were built to carry the tune of his somber melody.

"Ubi cogitantur discrepant
mea deteriorem rea theologiae
argumentis denegassem

Facturum via ope sit
diversas tollitur ibi
periculi formalis

Diversi apertum clarius
nos aliquid nunquid sed tur rea"

The very air around him seemed to shimmer as he sang magic into the world, and his voice continued to echo through the forest long after he finished singing, filling the air with an eerie whisper of song.

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Small, cloven feet gently padded along the ground below; little body brushing against bouts of underbrush and leaves of bushes around. It had been a few days since Akeme had found herself just roaming about the forest, it was more relaxing than minding herself with her own little home. Sure, wondering about the forest came with it's own dangers; especially in the form she'd chosen to do so. Hunters were more the large thing she could think of to watch for.

One looking for a meal would not ask questions before sending an arrow, or anything else to that matter, her way. A scary thought to think about, but it was the way of life; though she'd rather not go in such a horrid way if one was to be honest.

Dark fur shined in the light the more she moved forward, that was until she could heard the faint sound of song among the trees. That was, interesting, perhaps she could investigate; or it was just her imagination. No, there was no way she was imagining the sound of song filling the air. It drove her to move closer and closer towards it.

A few more steps and the sound became more pronounced, even if the singer was nothing more than a whisper of a voice as they sang. Ah, another Kelahati, not surprising really. With her head low she moved in closer and closer, until she was just about a couple feet away. Her ears flicked and twitched with every word that traveled from their mouth.

Akeme found relaxation in their song, though it seemed they'd been done for quite some time; the sound still resonated in the air. In her relaxed state, she gently lowered herself to the ground and laid there; eyes closed softly as the enjoyed the presence around her. "You have a lovely singing voice," she spoke it hushed tones.

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His ears perked up. The melodic tone reached them, his body leaning towards the sound. A comforting sensation filled him, no doubt perhaps what the singer had meant it to be. Yet he shook his head, his face becoming that of stone. People were less trustworthy than animals from his past experience. 

He took a tentative sniff, nose in the air. His mouth twisted into a scowl as he scented nothing. He decided to follow the sound instead, his footsteps silent as he threaded through. Just this once he would give… whoever this being was a moment of his trust. Only his tail swished by him, showing off his nervousness when nothing else had.

Closer and closer, he honed in, the sound growing, the words becoming clearer. The language slowly dawned on him, the sobering tone touching deep. Of his people did this belong to him and it made him think of home. 

He stepped through the bush and paused at the sight of the congregation before him. The source belong to a Kelahati, an older one that put his age to shame. His eyes narrowed at the small animals hiding beneath the being's clothing. No doubt they saw him as a protector and immediately he became sour. 

There wouldn't be another opportunity after this and he had no intentions to continue hunting on another territory, even if - his eyes shifted to the deer - he was hungry. 

He continued to take cautious steps forward. “Are these your lands?” He spoke up and asked. It was rude to say nothing.

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