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[M] New Wounds and Old Scars

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She watched him go with melancholy eyes; Zaeren seemed so sad. Why? Had she done that to him? Guilt began creeping at the fringes of her mind, and her hand began to move towards the pendant at her throat, though she stopped shortly before touching the crystal as his words dawned on her.

A week. She'd only been out for a week.

A relieved sigh; her ears tilting back. That wasn't too long, especially considering what had happened to her. She rolled her shoulders, wincing at the pain caused by the stiffness, and gave a chuckle as Zaeren entered the room.

"I feel like I got stepped on by a dragon," she said with a lighthearted chuckle as she gingerly touched her shoulder. "Which is to be expected, all things considering." She gave a one shouldered shrug and a yawn. "If anything I feel a bit stiff, and I'd like to get up and walk around, stretch a bit and all that..." she trailed off as her gaze drifted over to the food. Oooooooh it smelled so good...

With all the grace of a ravenous dog, Brianna's hands shot out and snatched the bread and began tearing it to bits as she unceremoniously shoved pieces into her mouth. She. Was. Starving. Though that was unsurprising. A week with no food! She hadn't gone that long without food since she was a child fresh from the loss of her village. The bread and meat were demolished quickly, and the feline gave a contented stretch with both hands on her belly.

"That hit the spot," she said with a purr, tail thumping against the bed.

She shifted to lean against the man, rubbing her cheek against his chest, her throat still rumbling with a soft purr. "I'm sorry for worrying you, Zae," she said softly, lacing her fingers with his. "Truthfully this is nothing compared to other injuries I've sustained. But I really do appreciate you caring or me all this time..." She brought his hand to her lips and brushed against his fingers. "It makes me feel better knowing I was in such capable hands." Brianna looked up at him, her lips pulling into a wry smile. "I'll have to thank you properly when my ribs heal," she teased, giggling.

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