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Fallow let go of the breath he'd unknowingly been holding.

Lijuan let him go and turned away without uttering so much as an apology for what she'd done, and he felt his stomach sink. He thought he'd deserved an apology, at the very least, but that was that. She gestured to the wound on her body and asked for his help. Well, it was less of an ask and more of a demand, but who was he to deny it? He'd been the one to injure her in the first place...

"Let me... g-get some herbs..." Fallow managed to choke out as he stood up, wiping the spots of blood from his face with a sleeve. Without any further words the deer kelahati trudged into the forest underbrush, his feet leaden. It didn't take him long to find what he needed; Fallow knew this forest as well as he knew his own hands, after all, but even as he picked the herbs his hands trembled, and he soon found himself crying quietly into his palms. For once he was glad to be alone. He could cry in peace without Lijuan's harsh judgements. With a few sniffles he wiped his puffy eyes with the back of his palms, staining them with tears, and quickly gathered the rest of what he needed.

When he returned to Lijuan his eyes were no longer puffy, but the whites were pink from his tears. With the herbs clenched tightly in his fists Fallow sat under a tree several feet away and began to grind them into a paste with a small mortar and pestle he removed from his pocket. One could never be too prepared, after all. He was focused on his work, not daring to look in her direction in fear of what he might see. There was nothing but the sound of stone against stone as he ground the assortment of herbs into a thick green paste. Only when he was satisfied did he turn his head to his companion.

"Um... I... m-made a salve..." He still couldn't look her in the eyes. "You'll have to apply it yourself before I c-can, um, bandage it..." Fallow's voice trailed off, all confidence lost.

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Lijuan hadn't said another word after wanting him to help with her wound, probably in much more a demanding tone that she should have used. She wasn't use to being kind, caring, or gentle with others in her time so far; hell, she never had gotten close with others to care for such a thing in the first place. Life had always been nothing more than a fight for survival, facing challenges day in and out. Being with Fallow wasn't any different, right? Had she reacted too harshly? Fuck, from the way the man was practically avoiding her was more than enough to know she had.

Yet, how else would she have needed to react? If it had been anyone or anything else that had done it, she'd send them six feet under in the matter of minutes. Here they were though, many feet about and his body still intact; the only different was the small red marks he claws left behind in their wake.

Just like him, she didn't make an attempt to look his way, afraid of the look on his face. Lijuan was more worried about this than she thought she'd actually be. Then again, she really should be feeling sorry. He felt sorry for just the act himself, and even wanted to help; there was no blaming him if he actually didn't want to help now.

A low growl erupted from the back of her throat, soft enough for just herself to hear; aimed at herself for being stupid about this all. Would an apology come though? Perhaps not now, or anything soon, but maybe later; much later. Hell, it would be a surprise if she ever did apologize, in the same day at that.

It wasn't until he heard him speak that her eyes slowly panned over to look at him; regret in her eyes but not a single speck written in her face. She nodded though, it was all she could really get around to doing. He was so confident before and now because of her it was all gone. She gave another growl of frustration to herself, just as she nodded her head again.

Her hand went around to start undoing her clothing, letting it shed down around her hips; at least only leaving her in just her uper undergarments. She outstretched her hand towards him, motioning for him to bring that concoction to her, though her face was looking towards the ground the entire time.

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