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Haliea: 25th day

Flor (WIP)
05-08-2018, 01:16 AM
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(just tossing this here as a placeholder for now)
[Image: _39_1_by_iunaa-dcbfvqt.png]

|Name| Flor
|Nickname| Whisper of Sleibte
|Age| 283
|Gender| Female
|Species| Kitsune

[tail information]
0- born with first tail
100- gains second tail
200- gains third tail

[preference] While still constantly training to improve her elemental skills, Flor is most comfortable using fire and air magic. However, this doesn’t mean she has mastered said elements, as the kitsune still lacks proper control in maneuvering her attacks. As a result, Flor prefers to use illusory magic to escape any trouble she manages to stumble into.
[skills] (wip)
Flor often uses air magic when she’s in a pinch and needs to hide or defend herself. For an extensive period of time she has been trying to become as familiar as possible with all terrain she has explored to be able to use the environment against her targets or enemies. While some may assume she possesses earth magic to have the tendency to familiarize herself with such things, Flor does not use earth magic. So why? The answer is simple: the five senses.  

Mind Games- by subtly altering the direction of the wind, Flor is able to conceal her presence (more specifically her scent) much easier, and with a bit more effort even carry sounds of nearby water sources or sounds to trick weary travellers. As she is still young however, Flor cannot maintain this spell for a long amount of time, even less if she is controlling the wind at a larger radius. Until she grows older and gains more tails, ‘Mind Games’ will continue to be a draining move to the kitsune.

Dust devil- By taking advantage of looser pieces of terrain, Flor uses dirt, rocks and anything else nearest to her to create a dust devil, a smaller, weaker tornado in other words. The dust devil can’t always envelop the enemy, however, if aimed properly Flor can at least deter them from her to buy time for her next move. Unfortunately, only light objects can be used to create this dust devil, as she does not have any earth element abilities to allow for her to use anything heavier.

It isn’t much of a surprise that as opposed to her defensive air skill set, Flor’s fire magic leans more towards the offensive side. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t managed to gain proper control of it, so Flor isn’t exactly in the best position to fight just yet. Due to her love for flowers, many of her flames often mimic the shape of a few favorites and species that she recognizes, blooming into quite the show. Generally the kitsune doesn’t exactly have a vast amount of spells to choose from, though she enjoys naming the few she has after flowers.

Shooting Star- Possibly one of her quickest moves, Flor is able to create multiple balls of fire that can stem in different arches to surround the enemy and burn them. To conserve her energy, Flor can manipulate their sizes and numbers. In general, this move isn’t as draining, so she is able to release the flames in great amount. However, the move isn’t life as strong as it can be just yet, and despite the large amount of flames she can release, Shooting Star can be rather easy to dodge.

Scarlet Sage- If one gets too close, Flor can envelope herself in an intricate design of flames, with tongues of fire stemming out as of the flowers of a scarlet sage. If executed strategically, Flor can surround areas with these flames to trap someone who fears magic. However, if the latter occurs and she casts her flames in an unwise spot, such as areas dappled with dry foliage, she will lose control of them and her sage will spread like wildfire unless extinguished.

Illusory Magic
Ah… the type of magic the kitsune race are renowned for: Illusory magic. For this type of magic, Flor has a preference to tangible things, and while she doesn’t have the ability to make her illusions into reality, her trickery revolves around her appearance and the environment. The young kitsune only has the intent of a child, however, and has no interest in harming others. With her magic, Flor can be easily lost in the crowd, and unaware explorers may lose their way in areas where she has cast her illusions.  

Thorns- (wip)
White lie- (wip)

On a stormy winter night in the quiet town of Silencia, Flor was born of a humble pair of kitsune. Leaning more on the weaker side, Flor was born with a single tail. Nonetheless, her parents believed she still had the potential any child had, her birth name given to her perhaps perceiving her as flower that still had yet to bloom. As time progressed, Flor unfortunately grew to become a sickly child, even with the strong fires burning within her family’s home to fight off the cold. In hopes of finding a cure for her, the young kitsune’s parents traveled to Yfrelo, where she would later be left in the hands of the academy to study. As she grew and earned her next tails, Flor began to develop her magic, along with a strong thirst for knowledge and skill. Unsurprisingly, her strongest element of magic was that of fire, possibly the reason why her body rejected the freezing climate when she was born in Silencia. In the most recent years, Flor has shown that she indeed has strong magic, but her lack of tails limits her from being able to use it at its full potential. Flor still has a long way to go before she can realize her skill, and learn to control it.

|Roleplay Sample|: A clear day bestowed Sleibte, and clouds generously graced the sky. Throughout the depths of the forest, a gentle breeze lazily flowed momentarily before gradually picking up in speed and strength. Following in suit, small embers waltzed amongst the currents, and a small figure took dainty but confident steps behind. A handheld fan is opened, or at least how it would have appeared in the eyes of onlookers, for the weapon was merely a facade of magic. The fan was but a piece of paper, and the holder of this illusion’s dark amber eyes narrowed in concentration, for it was Flor who had begun her morning training session.

Flor had already lost track of how many times she had snuck away from her duties at Yfrelo to visit the clearing to practice her skills, and she never tired of the area. There was always a sereneness to it that the young kitsune enjoyed and found comfort in, almost like that of a mother’s presence. As she took careful steps quietly counting a simple time pattern under her breath, small flowers of fire crackled and seemed to bloom into the surrounding area, until Flor took a misstep and tripped. As she recovered in a second or two, her creations exploded momentarily before vanishing into nothingness. Pouting, Flor relaxed her arms and allowed her eyes to travel the clearing. ‘I’ll just have to try again later, I should really get an actual weapon, perhaps a wand or something…’ the young kitsune reflected hopelessly to herself as she shot an annoyed glance at her makeshift fan.

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