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Haliea: 25th day

Eclair Pontdujour
Sol'Tera Banshee
01-11-2018, 11:32 AM
[Image: sges_a_banshee.png]
Name: Clarette Apolline Pontdujour-Ehrenreich
Nicknames: Eclair
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Sol'Tera, Banshee Curse
Death Strands - Having the curse of the Banshee, Eclair is able to see the shadow of death on anyone. However, she is incredibly sensitive to it, her sandy skin becoming pale when there is even a possibility of death. If death is unavoidable, she begins to shriek, the only color remaining are her sun markings. As a Sol'Tera, she is completely powerless to do anything but wail whenever she sees death, as turning lily white for any reason fatigues her greatly.

Light Magic: Glow - Eclair is capable of taking in slightly more sunlight than the average Sol'Tera, to the point where her tattoos will glow like a nightlight. If she doesnt expunge this excess energy somehow, she will be bright enough to light an entire room despite the absence of natural light. She has learned to communicate in morse code by flashing her markings. Her most common phrase was to her parents when she was out adventuring at night: .. / .- -- / ... .- ..-. . (I AM SAFE).


Normal - Eclair is a small yet sturdy girl, barely coming above 5 feet tall, but her teeny tiny body is a dense powerhouse of muscle. Her sun-kissed cheeks are still a little chubby and round, making her girlish face seem even younger than she already is. Her complexion is bronzed from the harsh desert sun, decorated with ornate maroon markings.  The tattoos seem to be concentrated mostly on her back and left side, resembling gears and arrows twisting and turning around her body's slopes and curves. Her hair is a deep navy blue, messy and short, shaved on the left side. A striking red stripe grows out from where her hair parts in the front. Her big doe eyes are the same color as her hair and markings, bright red with a ring of maroon, able to draw in sunlight as well. When she is without the sun's power, she becomes washed out and pale,  yet her markings change to bright red in a desperate attempt to draw in light.

Banshee - Everything on her body becomes sheet white, except for her markings. The contrast between a vibrant red against her pure white skin is unsettling and eerie. As she screams, her body seems to stretch and squash itself, she is almost always writhing on the floor as if she's in pain. Her features seem to become more angular, sharper, more dangerous...


Sprightly - Eclair is the definition of manic pixie girl, having boundless energy made all the more apparent by her optimistic outlook on life. It can be a little bit tiring when you can't keep up with her pacing, but she is more than well aware she can be a bit of a handful at times. If you ask nicely, she can tone it down to match the mood, albeit with some fidgeting.

Naive - This teen hasn't had much of a reason to believe people are inherently bad, and she's willing to believe anything happens for the greater good. Perhaps a little bit gullible at times, she's willing to give everyone a second chance. Although, she does know when someone is deliberately trying to mislead her or pull her leg.

Hotheaded - What the fuck did you just fucking say to me you little bitch? If you challenge Eclair, be prepared for her teenage angst and hair-thin temper. She can be stubborn and refuse to move until she's made it clear that you're a complete and utter blockhead for making her upset.


Eclair was the last-born child in a litter of children, and the only girl at that. Her mother and father were very busy Sol'Tera, as they were close acquaintances with the chief within their settlement. It was agreed that Eclair, being their first and only daughter, would be put into an arranged marriage to the best candidate possible, assuring that their settlement would receive a bountiful dowry. When she was just a child, however, it was tragically revealed that both she and her mother were Pale Ladies. On the way to visit a possible candidate family, Eclair and her mother began screeching, warning of an incoming rockslide. Her mother and a horse were crushed and killed immediately, while Eclair and her father survived with moderate injuries.

Unaware that they were warning about the danger instead of causing it, her father was horrified.  He felt sick to his stomach realizing that he had so many offspring who could potentially carry the curse... He had to stop it somehow. Pulling the now-unconscious Eclair up onto the surviving horse in their carriage, her father Gauderique changed directions completely, heading toward a fringe town out west. The further away he was from fellow Sol'Tera, the better. Father Pontdujour placed Eclair under a shady bluff and began to pray as the sun set. He prayed for the safety of his other children, and for the strength to lie about what happened to his wife and child. He prayed he would come home a pitied widower, and nobody would ever find out about his dastardly deed of abandoning his child.

Eclair awoke unaware of where she was or how long it had been. It had been days since her father left her, and her skin was as white as snow, her markings bright red in an attempt to draw in any sort of sunlight. She crawled forward to see that she was on a farm of some sort, with a gigantic ox Kelahati tending the fields. It didn't take long for him to notice the small girl, and he called for his wife to come help her. An itty bitty sheep Kelahati ran out from a house with salves, potions, and bits and baubles galore to help Eclair.

Within a few days, with plenty of rest, relaxation, and sunshine, Eclair was back to her full toddler strength. Growing attached, the couple decided on adopting her, researching Sol'Tera customs and following their practices as an example for their daughter. Henrietta and Reginald Ehrenreich have been her doting parents ever since.
01-11-2018, 12:27 PM
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My beautiful daughter has come home...
I love her
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