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The man could surely wait a long while for this being to show themselves, if minutes or hours passed by; he would not force them to reveal themselves unless more than comfortable enough to do so. He wasn’t a being that cared for force, not unless if was more than needed. Situations like such didn’t happen to often, especially in the peaceful embrace of the night; deep within the beautiful, dark forest surrounding them. Finding peace in nature was what he enjoyed, and surely this other being had a love for it as well. 

Kavrier hadn’t even turned his head to gaze upon the man, Kitsune as it seemed to be; the scent of his flesh finally filtering through the clean smell of the water. “Ah, do not worry your head of it, one must always be wary of the things around themselves. No matter the type of creature either, so I can certainly understand why you kept yourself hidden so,” slowly her turned his head, eyes finally catching sight of the smaller man, “you are correct, in your assumption, however; I am not a local in this forest, sadly. My purpose, however, is for the memory of my wife... She loved being here, it was one of her favorite places.” 

The man’s expression was somber, the thoughts of his late wife always caused that reaction. There was always something heartbreaking each time she passed his mind, like a distant memory he wanted to bury; but he could never allow himself to move on. She had been the love of his life, taken away from him in the worst of ways. That was a memory that he knew would alway she stuck inside his mind, forced to haunt him with the sight of laying there; motionless, lifeless eyes staring into his own. 

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