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Crouched beneath the sprawling leaves that crept over the pool's edge, Koimata was still as he listened to the other's approach. That strange, uneven step, with... three? impacts. An animal of sorts? He was tempted to peek out, yet refrained, caution warring with curiosity that burned at the back of his throat with every passing moment. Most would believe him shy, and while yes, he was, he had never particularly feared encountering or even talking with another individual. It was more, tempting fate with yet another rain of memories sharp and cold on his psyche, leaving him only more confused with their passing. Pressing back against his heels, he felt the brush of the foilage against his spine and froze, not wanting to quite give himself away just yet.

Not until..., he saw him. The man stood out, vividly against the backdrop of the untamed forest, the sort of fellow he had seen in the more luxurious parts of the city, where the cobblestone streets gleamed white in the sun, and not a single thing stood out as broken or ugly. The heavy cloak made him appear larger than perhaps he truly was, a dense fabric falling in pitch hues against his frame. And a cane. Peering around his cover, he paused, his ears flicking. His eyes were a brilliant purple, made brighter against black sclera, with piercings stark against his face. He wasn't human, that much was obvious, an energy clinging filling the air with a heaviness that came with the more power of creatures. 

Yet his voice was gentle.

 It was easy enough to lie, to create an illusion of goodness, but the tone came slow and deep, even as he came to stand at the edge of the water. Perhaps he was aware of Koimata' place hunkered down to his left, yet he made no obvious attempt to seek him out. A moment passed, before the movement of the leaves gave him away, a mane of monochrome tresses amongst the bright green, before he turned to look at him, rising his full height. "You'd have to pardon my wariness sir. It is not common for others to come so deep into the forest, and you don't much look like a local," he whispered brushing the debris of his charcoal sleeves, looking inquisitively upon the man, pallid ears twitching. "What purpose do you have for being out here, if I may ask?" enquiring softly, he bowed his head, greeting even as his words fell quiet with the motion.

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