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The Lonely Wastes

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Players Involved: Immortal Cyan, Andromeda
Characters Involved: Calligenia, Revera
Setting: East Sleibte, Northern Wastes
Time: Current, Morning
Weather: Clear Skies, Calm

The cold didn't bother Calligenia, but the loneliness did.

It had been a long night for the newborn snow nymph. She was still trying to figure out how to survive on her own within the icy wastes, and it was quite a difficult experience for her. Fortunately, the diminutive nymph was very comfortable in cold weather and in addition, she needed neither clothes nor fire to keep warm or comfortable. However, she had set up and maintained a fire throughout the night so that she could be seen by any passing travelers. The hard part had been finding food, a cave, and material for a bed. With no one to teach her how to do those things, Calligenia could only do the best that she could with those tasks.

Nevertheless, Calligenia had made it through the night without getting eaten or dying of thirst. That was an important victory, because she had proved to herself that she could survive alone. However, she was still hoping to find someone to help her. In essence, she would have more difficulty surviving loneliness than she would have surviving the bitter cold.

Calligenia stretched her arms outward as she emerged from the cave to welcome to new day. The skies had cleared from the blizzard that had wracked the wastes during the night before. In short, there would be no better time for her to head out to find food and continue her journey towards the south. The sensation of soft snow between the toes of her tiny feet was a pleasant one to her, and it shifted her mood to a positive one to start the day. When she finished stretching, Calligenia proceeded to add more wood to her small fire. Then, she took a seat in front of the fire to begin preparing a small breakfast of fish and berries. Although she could live on a plant-eating diet just fine, she had found a lake teeming with fish. Before eating, she spoke a small prayer to Nialle in thanks for her survival and for the sacrifice of the fish. Calligenia didn't have the pride to believe that she had made it through the night through her own meager survival skills. There had to have been some form of divine intervention on her behalf, and for that, she was forever grateful.

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