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[M] New Wounds and Old Scars

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Zae kissed the top of her head as he gently took the glass from her hand. "Please do not stress yourself vit vorry over time gone. It vas only a veek or a little more maybe. I lost track of it myself," he told her as he gently cupped her face with his other hand before pulling away. He got up from the bed and gave her a small smile trying to get her not to worry as much. Stress would not help her heal and that grip she held on that glass.... He wanted her to rest and relax more than anything.

"I vill be right back okay? I just am going to get your food," he told her softly as he left the room. He softly shut the door to give her a moment and made his way back into the kitchen. There honestly wasn't much here for food, but he'd make what he could. He didn't want to leave her with her just waking up. Had she known that? Or did she not want him to leave her? A sigh. This is why he was always careful not to get close to people, it hurt. He had been so scared he as going to lose her after everything he had done trying to bring her peace and then keep her alive after the fight.

His hand tightened on the glass and it broke in his hand, shards falling to the ground. He looked down at it for a moment and watched blood drip from his hand before getting a rag and cleaning it up. He threw the broken glass into the trash and grabbed a water stone. Using a water stone, he filled a bowl and cleaned his hand off before wrapping it. She was okay. He needed to focus on that now. The hard part was over. The rest would just be letting her get her strength back and part of that started with food. Zaeren opened cabinets looking around for any kind of food. It was a hard to find anything to go with bread... He did find some smoked meat after a moment and then put it on a plate. He found some bread and got another glass and filled it with water. Slowly he made his way back to Bri. Opening the door to the room, carefully to not drop anything, he walked in. 

"I told you I'd come back," he said with a smile as he walked over and gave her the food. "Are you... okay? Like hov do you feel over all?"

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