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Haliea: 25th day

A breath of fresh air
Kila x Roma
12-12-2017, 01:03 AM
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Thread Status:open
Players involved: Kila and Roma
Characters involved: Naiome and Aolani
Setting: Nyamene Island
Time: Mid day of the 23th of Ganthor
Weather: Clear, smoke coming from the volcano on the island.

The room was... hot... and everything hurt. "Ow..."

The girl tried to move, but her body screamed in protest as she felt her magic lines that flow throughout her boy twitch in agony. It hurt... her fingers moved and grabbed at her chest, as her eyes squeezed shut. She cough and blood came out. Why did her body hurt. What happened? She forced her eyes open slightly. She didn't know this place. It was so warm, much warmer then home.


The word was faint. She couldn't sense him... But it was so warm. It was always warm when her father was near. She could smell blood. A lot of blood. Where was it coming from? Her head throbbed and she closed her eyes and the room dimmed trying to adjust to fit her needs. Everything was a blurr. She could remember a bit. She had been outside of her home...and then it all went fussy. It was like she was there, but not really. It felt like a dream. Everything hurt... that was what she knew. Her body ached as if it had been to war and back, but there was no actual wound she could feel. It logically didn't make sense.

"Where am I?"
01-07-2018, 09:17 PM
"You're in your room, my lady, in the Temple of Vaerath." A soft voice spoke out to the oracle. The voice's owner was a tall, slender woman. She was dressed in a slender black gown that hugged her figure, with long sheer sleeves and a long neck. From behind her lace veil, also black in color, her blue eyes sparkled.

She stepped forward and bowed, her multi-hued hair trailing along the ground behind her. "My lady, I am Aolani. Head Priestess of the Temple of Vaerath." She rose from her bow and gestured to the nightstand next to the bed. A glass and pitcher of water sat on a silver tray. "Please, drink. You must be tired from your... ordeal."
01-07-2018, 10:16 PM
The words rolled around in her head confused. What did the woman just say? In her room? That didn't make sense. This wasn't her room and she sure as hell didn't remember going to a temple. Oh dear gods why did her head hurt so damn much.

Slowly she sat up, her arm shaking as she used it to balance herself. It hurt... All of it. Her eye were dazed and she felt great pain in her right arm. "Aolani... Who... No you said who you are. How did I end up here? I don't remember anything... What happened to me?" Her voice was faint as she accepted the water and grabbed the glass taking a drink of the water. Oddly the water was icy cold and she could feel it chilling her warm blood that was along the lines of her throat. It burned slightly. She never remembered anything cold burning before. It was her speciality. What had happened to her? Fear settled in her stomach.
01-09-2018, 01:54 PM
"Oh you poor sweet child," Aolani cooed, gently escorting the oracle to take a seat upon the bed. "Has Vaerath never spoken through you before?" Yes, that had to be the case. That must have been why the god had given her a warning before the meeting. Oh, this poor girl.

She took a seat on the bed and pulled the veil back from her face. "Did you not even know you were an oracle?"
01-14-2018, 01:08 PM
She blinked confused. "No... I knew I was an Oracle, but I didn't know he could do all that to me," she replied. She felt so weird, strange even. A god had taken her body without concent. Like she was a piece of clothing to him and he decided to get dress and to greet the world today. "I didn't know he could just take my from my home and I don't remember any of it. I don't know what he did... Do you?"

Her blue eyes looked to the woman. Maybe she could clear a lot of this up. The fear of the unknown. What had he done? Did he hurt anyone? What does a god do on the mortal planes. "Aolani...You're really pretty..."
01-14-2018, 04:19 PM
"My lady," Aolani said, her voice chuckling into a rather bell-like sound, "While I appreciate the compliment, this is hardly the time or the place." Her eyes glittered behind the lace veil, amusement barely visible on her face.

She bushed the oracle's hair out of her face, and patted her forehead with a damp cloth. "Please, lay and rest. I'll tell you all that I know."

Aolani took a breath, ad let out a small sigh as she began, "I was not present during the meeting when you arrived. Angels like myself are a rarity here, and even though it's neutral ground, I'm sure many demons would revolt if they heard their head priestess was an angel." She gave a nervous laugh, covering her mouth out of politeness. "I was in your chambers, preparing for your arrival. Lord Vaerath gave me a notice that you would be returning here."

"But what I did hear hear was that he reassured the lords that he was not responsible for killing the other oracles. He also named the new War heir before retiring here. No one was hurt, I assure you."
01-20-2018, 10:45 PM
Truth in the Reflection
She nodded. The woman's words reassured her at bit at least. No one had died. She had always had this unending fear if this did happen to her she might learn the hard way that she murdered people. She knew he was a reason for a war, or at least that was the stories that had been told and written in legends of old. She nodded again and felt her senses slowly returning to her. Everything still hurt, it was still fussy, but with the nice lady's help she was slowly coming to.

"Lucky for me he spoke to you even though he was silent to me. Maybe he thought it would help his plans more if I knew very little," she said after a moment. She was once more laying down and just watching the nice lady. She smiled softly. "I cannot thank you enough for your kindness though. It means a lot to me... head priestess or not."

Naiome closed her eyes. She wondered what she needed to do now. She wasn't sure. She hadn't been this close to one of her own before.... It was an angel, but she was sure demons were just beyond that wall. That thought made her shiver... What should she do?

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