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Haliea: 25th day

Sol'teran Warrior
04-15-2018, 03:36 PM
Character's Name: Kassandra

Nicknames: Kassie

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Species: Sol'tera

Abilities: As a Sol'tera, Kassie is blessed with abilities from the sun. Her tattoos help her absorb the powers of the sun, enhancing her speed and strength. She is a warrior, trained  in the sword and the bow, which is is better with, but prefers the sword. Her powers also allow her regenerative healing- but hers isn't quite as developed as some of her peers. Kassandra's healing leaves scars, reducing pain and removing open wounds, but might reduce the feeling in that hand where she's been burnt, or reduce her movement where a wound to the stomach healed too quickly. She has little control over how fast things heal.
Partnered with a strong affinity for fire magic, Kassandra doesn't have the best combination of powers.

Appearance: Kassie is 5'9, with a lithe, willowy figure. She would not be described as particularly beautiful; rather, her features are rather sharp. Her face is long, with pointed cheekbones that make her look a little sallow. Her skin is olive and her hair is dark, long past her shoulders and wavy, although often she puts it back in a ponytail to keep out the way. As a warrior, she has her fair share of scars; a few circular ones speckle her face and left cheek, a little like freckles. Her left fingers are slightly bent from a scar on her palm. Others are less obvious- a slice across one side, a stab to one shoulder. Her Sol'tera markings are also fairly mild, where they can be easily seen- a few decorate her arms, but the largest is the one that decorates her back, stretching from shoulders down to waist in brown and red shades.
Kassie wears may layers of clothing, mostly in shades of brown, black and green; long overgarments hang down over her trousers, a scarf down her back, and feathers flicker from the loose edges. Her leather armour fills the gaps on her arms and torso, although she forgoes it on her legs in favour of long, sturdy boots instead. All her garb is a little worn, a little faded.

Personality: Although it is in a Sol'tera's nature to be sociable and close, Kassandra has a few more boundaries than her kin. She'll still drink along with everyone else, but she won't be the one to instigate a touch, instigate a party. She's a little distant, a little reserved, quiet and likes to keep herself to herself, watching rather than participating. Occasionally she can come off as standoffish or rude. She's stubborn and will see something through to the end, wanted or not. Her scars make her feel self-conscious, and her tattoos in company other than her kin.

History: Kassandra, from a young age, aspired to be a hunter, a warrior looking for those on The List. She trained hard as a teen, becoming proficient in the sword and excelling at the bow. She constantly pushed herself to become better, stronger, until she was chosen to go out and hunt with the rest. She was no prodigy, but competent and determined. Since her first assignment she has travelled, earning her place in society and her scars to go with her kills. Although Kassandra has passed through the fringe towns as frequently as any other Sol'tera, she has no more than an uneasy stance with the border towns of the desert, each noting the others' presence, but only tolerating it.
04-18-2018, 01:21 AM
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