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Haliea: 25th day

Iona Xhosa
Mermaid Queen
01-11-2018, 03:19 PM
[Image: mermaidqueen.png]
Name: Iona Xhosa (EYE-oh-na HO-sa)
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 849
Gender: Female
Species: Tropical Mermaid
Natural Neurotoxin - Everyone in the royal family is able to produce a very potent neurotoxin, and Iona's acts as a truth serum. If she chooses, a light touch to another's skin will compel them to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. She doesn't like using it unless absolutely necessary, as she feels that honesty should come from the heart, and not from an authoritative compulsion.

Whalespeak - Using a system of clicks, squeaks, and a mooing sound, Iona can speak to all creatures of the sea, such as seals and sea dragons. The only issue is that many of them are playful and choose not to listen.

Healing Magic - Iona is much more keen on using her healing magic, both regenerative for herself and others. She can put the pep back into anyone's step, she can seal wounds with ease, and has even re-attached limbs of many more scrappy merfolk. Once every month, she makes a point to open her doors to the public who are in need of healing.

Royal Blessing: Form-shifting - Iona is capable of changing her lower half into human legs. However, she is very hesitant to do so, as she is quite scared of the above world, having never left the walls of her castle once. Should land-dwelling visitors need to speak to her, they must do so on their own terms.


Iona has a very striking appearance, her deep olive complexion dappled with flecks of peachy white. Her cool green eyes are beginning to wrinkle, yet they only add to her beauty. Her hair has begun to show streaks of white, perhaps due to age, or perhaps due to the vitiligo, but it is nonetheless gorgeous. Her flowing long hair is tied at the ends with a shiny jewel box seashell, parting in a way that resembles a dolphin's tail. At the direct center of her forehead, a coral colored horn spirals out, its glossiness and cute appearance mask just how sharp it really is. At the top of her head rests a crown made of only the most beautiful rosy sea glass and seashells, dotted with pearls. Her arms are adorned with beautiful ribbons, sealing behind them a family sigil on the back of her right hand. It is something every previous ruler has had and every future ruler will carry somewhere on their body. Her lower half is a narwhal, dappled with whites and blues revealing a very soft blubbery underbelly.  While she is capable of shifting her bottom into legs, she is very hesitant to do so.

Gentle - Iona is quite possibly the least confrontational individual in all of Antarsia, her voice hardly ever reaching higher than a strong whisper. From the way that she presents herself, the way she swims through her palace, to the way she speaks to others, everything is done deliberately with care to be non-offensive.

People-Pleaser - The queen is a very sociable woman, but perhaps a bit of a doormat. She's more than willing to go out of her way to be seen in a good light by another, even if it means inconveniencing herself. This has often come back to bite her whenever she deals in political affairs.

Cowardly - Although this isn't a very well-known trait, it is itself a very true one. Iona is absolutely terrified of the outside world, and has isolated herself within her castle. Everything she is introduced to is within her own terms, with good reason it seems...

Iona was born within her palace's walls and had a typical royal upbringing, as the only child of the King and Queen of the era. Her father was the first to pass of a natural death, her mother continuing to rule for a good fifty or so years before her time came as well. At the age of 281, Iona had her coronation ceremony and was crowned the new ruler of merfolk. She had a single daughter.
01-11-2018, 03:44 PM
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