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All characters that have been completed and accepted by staff are located here. These are the ones that are ready to play!
Characters that are work in progresses and are waiting staff approval are all located here.
Characters Needing Approv... by Andromeda
All character adoptions will be located here! Plot positions, and royal lines will also be adopted out here as well!
Plot Positions by Achera
Having trouble keeping up with your characters or need a place to use them? Use this board to help you find a roleplay partner and keep track of where all your character has been.
Just for you to develop a character's mind set! How do they feel about what's going on around them? You can play with the theory of character minds here.
Do Not Read by TheChosenDarkness
Want to write with a character not yet ready with or without the site lore? Do it here! It is a good place to learn and develop your character.
The largest continent to this day, Sleibte stands magnificently with its wide array of biomes, ranging from snow-capped mountains to scorching deserts to humid swamplands. It is the homeland of dragons, dwarves, humans, and kitsune, and hold many uncovered secrets in its vast lands.
Xira is the land of all. Most of the continent is claimed by an enormous city split into five different districts. Though no species are native to this continent, any and all species are welcome, and the inhabitants live in relative harmony, flourishing on the rich soil by the delta. Trade is plentiful, and many travelers and traders frequent this land.
Katakarthia seems to be the greenest of the lands, filled over halfway with lush, dense forests in which the elves reside. In the northern peninsula, the demons and angels are at a constant state of war, and the western part of the continent is occupied by the wolves of Antarsia. Many different creatures occupy this continent, not just limited to the aforementioned; some have yet to be discovered in this land of beautiful mystery.
Prasinos is the land of the lions, who roam this continent freely. Much of the land is covered in plains, though a few trees are scattered throughout the landscape and a forest and lake hold ground near the south. Various rivers cut through the territory as well, providing plenty of water to the land to fuel the growth of lush grasses. Being the central continent, Prasinos is a stopping place for many seafaring travelers, who pause to take a break and restock their supplies.
Though our time is semi-liquid in the continents above, if you have a plot that you wish to play in -canon that has already occured in the past, this is the place to go. In this section, threads that take place at any time in the past after the semi-liquid time of 1 month can be placed and played here, to remain part of the happenings IC.
All chatter of all types goes here. Random thoughts? Or just want someone to talk to or to share what happened? Post it all here.
Want to test a table for a character post? Well this board is just for that! Here is your chance to make sure your tables will work before you use them
The Coding Attempt of Her... by Achera
Have an idea for the site but not sure if it'll work? Bring it here!
Species Suggestions by Mace
Games hosted by the members and staff for the site will be here! Have fun and enjoy the activities,
Art can be shown off here! :) Have a post or a piece of art you really want people to see? Post it here and people will be more likely to notice it.
This is for staff to work on upcoming projects! :)
If you would like you affiliate your site with ours then please come here to fill out the form! If we have room available we would be more then happy to accept.
Xalypsis: Sci Fi Fantasy ... by Achera
If we have not posted in your board and you wish to advertise to us first, please post here! Just make sure you read the rules for posting, thank you!
Shattered Alley - Origina... by Foxfire
If we have posted on your site first and you are returning the favor please post here! :) We'd hate to double post on your site by mistake.
candyland couture [jcink ... by alice in wonderland.
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